A Day Tour to Hampi – Sacred and Historical Symbol of South India

A UNESCO world heritage site, known for its carved stone temples, Hampi is located in Karnataka. This beautiful temple town is bordered on the banks of river Tungabhadra.

Though, Hampi is a religious and historical site and visited by tourist. It is yet challenging to access. The beautiful carving, the ancient ruins add fantasy to the place. Hampi’s magnificent ruins and rock structure forms a mysterious landscape that has been a source of attraction for tourists for centuries.

What makes the place more tempting is mounds of rocks are resting on slanting terrain for years surrounded by tree plantations, emerald-green palm groves, and endless fields. It would be easy to loiter around this spell-bound place within a day or two. If you long to visit archeology, ruins, temples of any location, then it would be the best option.

A Short Traverse to Hampi

Though you don’t have enough time to travel, you can see the significant artifacts of this place thoroughly. Hampi is divided into two parts –

  1. The Royal Center
  2. The Sacred Center

Let’s being with sacred center:

The Virupaksha Temple

Being the oldest temple, it is highly adored by both the tourists and devotees equally. Virupaxa refers to the oblique eye of Lord Shiva. It was built during 7th century AD. We can’t dot down all the points to flaunt over the possession of such an elaborate temple as it’s almost impossible. However, witnessing the sprawling halls, antechambers, towers gateways, lamp posts, flag posts, and shrines will be an unrepeatable experience for you.

Known for its humbling heritage and culture, this temple with intact idols looks amazingly beautiful. When the rays of setting sun shines against the entrance, it leaves a splendid sight to witness. This temple is architected by pure marble and is a real prodigy of historical times. The foundation of this temple premises is well jeweled by boulder. Serenity of the place, spirituality of pleasant work of art and royal history can surely be felt with senses.

Hampi Bazaar

Subsequently, you can get going to Hampi bazaar, where you can see blooming market which is popular among tourists. Here you can get a broad range of traditional gears, embellished shawls, ancient coinages, crafted items, flamboyant bags, jewelry, carved relics, stone ornaments and clay dolls and much more. This is the most anticipated location to shop antique material.

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Rock Climbing


If you are a climber then let us tell you, this place is highly thought of by climbers, climbing on the ancient boulders and mounds. Due to the abundance of granite crags, this place is always full of rock climbers.

Sanapur Lake

A hidden attraction of Hampi is almost 25kms from the city center but worthy to travel. This is famous for coracle rides, people often jump from the rock into the water for fun and few people.
It is supposed to be the most tranquil place to sit beside the banks of the lake. Adorned in extreme picturesque beauty and soothing milieu, surrounded by lush greenery, this is a famous tourist spot. Walking along the lake, small boat rides are few activities done by visitors.


For the Royal center, you can visit Queen’s Bath situated on the main road of Hampi.

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Queen’s Bath

This building is constructed in Indo-Saracen architectural style, sprawled over a small area. It has a veranda inside with a big pond in the middle. The lake, inside the building, is decorated with aqueducts pointing. It is believed that here the royal women folks took their baths. The water of the tank is filled with the fragrance of flowers and perfumes. Here is a big canal encompassing the building. A small garden occupies the land in front of Queen’s Bath.

Hope, you will like the visit to Hampi.

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