Indian Festival & Event Picks from the Month of November

When we think about India, we think of vibrancy during festivals, celebrations, colors, music, and dance etc. The celebration of rich history and heritage along with culture and tradition goes in hand with festivals.

The incredibility of India is based on multiple hues of its vigorous states. The random colors which can be seen during festive season are much more alluring so unless you a taste the mirth and merriment of these myriad fairs and festivals you visit is of no value. These celebrations add up extra life to the celebration when carried out with culture, heritage expressing Indian style. Don’t forget to taste the essence of these festivities which run in cool and dry month of November favoring festivities. The major Indian Events and Festivals, falling in November, are:

Pushkar Fair

pushkar fair in india

The most vibrant festival cum fair celebrated in the warm desert of Ajmer, Rajasthan, Pushkar Fair is formally a camel and livestock fair which goes on for five days on the banks of the Pushkar lake. Pushkar fair is much more then livestock fair and is visited by more than 20 million native and tourists. People visited here to wash away their sins in holy Pushkar Lake. It is a major tourist attraction in India which magnetizes visitors to taste the colors of cultural bonanza and competitions of, races puppet shows, music, dance and art.  The undulating festival is filled up with vendors’ selling precious stones, traditional and modern jewelry, cloths, handicrafts and much more.

Kolayat Fair

festivals of india

The Kolayat Fair is celebrated in Bikaner and has a special relevance for the natives who fervently wait for it. It also became a favorite tourist halt as they are charmed with the magnificence of the celebrations. The ceremonial merriment of the fair is of religious significance. Devotees visit Kolayat Lake nearby the fair to take a consecrated bathe in it to resolve their sins.


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Kartik Purnima Festival 

kartik purnima festival of india

It is celebrated in the month of November, all over India, and is one of the most important festivals of India from religious perspective. The mythical tales narrates that on this auspicious day Lords appear from heaven by the side of Ganges. People offer prayers to the God and take holy dip in the sacred river and sail boats made of colorful papers.

Wangala Festival

indian fair and festivals

Beating of drums and playing musical instruments makes the arrival of the winter. It is celebrated in the month of November. Wangala is a harvest festival celebrated in north-eastern states. The local people wear dressy clothes and vibrant outfits. Prayers are offered to the Sun God by dancing to the beats and playing orchestra.

Ka Pomblang Nongkrem

north east indian festivals

The major celebration goes on in Shillong, which is a known Tourist attraction in India. It is the harvest festival of the Meghalaya and is celebrated with passion and vigor. The festivities are done spiritually to pay regards and thank their Goddess ‘Ka Blei Synshar’ for plentiful harvest. It goes on vibrantly with folk ceremonies like dances music. The major attractions of the festivity are Ceremony of playing Tangmuri, goat sacrifice and Nongkrem dance.


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Rann Utsav

rann festival in india

It is celebrated in Gujarati style in Rann of Kutch, Gujarat praising culture and traditions of the place. The festivities are adorned with classiness and elegance. It is the most popular event that is celebrated across 7k sq miles in the sand. Considered among most-noticed Festivals of India, it runs for two months and is added with the blissful and warm hospitality of natives.  The carnival goes on with folk ethnic demonstrations, adventure sports, and lively performances. The major attractions are archery, paramotoring, ATV riding, bird watching, camel safaris, Horse rides shopping and much more.

So if you are planning a visit to India in November, don’t forget to be a part of these Indian Events and Festivals. True fun is there only.


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