Romantic places for Destination wedding in India

India is a country that rejoices weddings like no other, and it has some beautiful wedding destinations to offer you a memorable wedding. Who doesn’t wish for a picture perfect wedding! Could Destination wedding get more intriguing than this? Nope! Here are some of the best luxury wedding destinations, bringing the couple nearer and filling the air with romance.


Destination wedding in Agra

The important city of Agra has been acknowledged as the city of Love owing to its stunning Mughal footsteps. The city has the beautiful Taj Mahal; a symbol of absolute love. The romantic city has numerous sites that are impeccable to give-and-take vows with your passion. The city can host an outstanding wedding that is both majestic and hypnotic. This city is also renowned for its backgrounds in the common Brij culture and the Mughal richness.

Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Destination wedding in Andmaan

The heartwarming islands of the Andaman & Nicobar are a perfect destination wedding locations in India. The islands have a cool pleasurable weather that is passionate enough for a delightful wedding. The islands are decorated with coconut and palms trees which stand along the attractive coastline of the islands. They make a sensational wedding expedition. This site is a haven for you and guests. The loved wedding spots are the Havelock and the Ross islands.


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Destination wedding in Goa

Goa is loved for being a holiday destination and a perfect luxury wedding destination. The fantasy of a fabled wedding can be completed with a background of beautiful beaches here. The quiet and sparkling beach sites are adored for the palm trees, the beautiful waters and the coolness.


Destination wedding in Gujarat

Gujarat is a customary land with delightful customs and pleasant atmosphere. There are numerous sites in Gujarat that are ultimate for an outstanding and stately wedding. The stunning castles and forts are pleasing venues for a remarkable wedding. There are a lot of places in the state that can propose a dreamy marriage. The Royal Highness Hotel, Riddhi Siddhi Hall and the Lal Bhawan are confident of the famous wedding places in Gujarat.


Destination wedding in Hydrabad

Hyderabad is a famous wedding location ever since ages. Known as the “city of pearls”, this is an extraordinary place for unifying a wedding. The Taj Falaknuma Palace and the Chowmallah Palace are two of the renowned sites to get hitched here.

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Destination wedding in Jodhpur

Jodhpur is an awe-inspiring city in many ways. It has the imperial forts, the beautiful desert and the comforting ethnicities that make this city so impressive mainly if you have a customary yet luxurious wedding in mind. The city has astonishing havelis and citadels that add historical value which is picture-perfect for a royal wedding.


Destination wedding in Kerala

In the God’s Own Country; it would be awesome to tie the wedding knot. It is a well-known holiday and a loved wedding destination in India. This place proposes excellent beach points for a romantic wedding. The Varkala, Kovalam, Munnar tea gardens and the Kochi fort are sites with magnificent sights offering you the most unforgettable wedding.

The fashion of a destination wedding takes origins in the sumptuous wedding planning that the pairs luxuriate in these days. Most individuals aspire to make their wedding day an event to be appreciated for the rest of their lives.

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