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Valuable information About Bhutan

Draped in the peace of Buddha and the mesmerising beauty of nature, Bhutan is another most visited neighbouring country of India. Keep in mind that the country does not allow the travellers to directly book the hotels or resorts. It can be done through the travel agents or agencies only.

We, at VUE India Tours, arrange highly affordable tour packages for the people who have wanderlust to travel around the world. It is no ordinary place but is the last great Himalayan kingdom that is shrouded with the magic and mystery of the traditional Buddhist culture carefully embracing the global development. It is the best place to visit if you want to take a journey to something different.


Bhutan is densely populated and its ratio is not less in comparison to other countries. Getting through the historic demography, the country has seen a gradual increase in its population since the time of the formation of the country. There are different ethnic groups and some of them are restricted to most fringe areas of the country. The entire population mainly live on meat, pork along with turnip, barley and rice. It is also noted that there is no caste system in the country.


Temperature and the climatic conditions of Bhutan vary along with the region of the country.

Southern Bhutan is comparatively hotter than the entire regions whether humid sub-tropical climate is unchangeable throughout the year. Roughly, the temperature varies between 15 – 30° C.

However, the central part of the country is but cooler than the other parts. The northern part of Bhutan is cold during the winters and mountains perpetually get covered with the snow which makes the lower area cool in the summers.


As the temperature is cooler in most parts of the country, the people dress up in the woollen sweaters and jackets. When you are travelling to the country in the month of November to March, pack summer clothes but don’t carry too much revealing clothes as it may hurt the religious and cultural values of some people. As the climate of the country varies, it is better to be prepared as per the changes in the weather.

The local clothing trends is Bhutan are distinct from rest of the world. Here’s the basic information about their clothing if you are interested in knowing about it –

  • Men: ‘Gho’ is the traditional men’s wear, comprising of a Knee-length Robe tied at waist with kera (cloth-built belt).
  • Women: ‘Kira’ is an ankle length dress which is women’s traditional wear in Bhutan. The Get-up is completed with a light jacket on top, known as Tego, which has an inner layer wonju. They hang rich-colored Rachus on their shoulders.
  • Status Symbol – Kabney: The color of long scarves, which Bhutanese men wear, elaborates their social status and rank.
  • King or head wear yellow scarf.
  • Green is for the judge.
  • Orange is for ministers.
  • Regional or district administrators wear red kabney with strips.
  • White is for common people.


The local currency of Bhutan is Bhutanese ngultrum yet the country also accepts Indian rupee for the purpose of trades and purchasing things. As the Indian currency is legally accepted throughout the country so one is not required to change the currency into the local currency of Bhutan because it is accepted everywhere. However, it is noted that old notes of 500 and 1000 are not accepted. Some places also accept plastic money but it is recommended to carry cash rather than the debit and credit cards.


The electricity is supplies at 220 to 240V, just as India. To keep your electronic gadgets charged, it will be good if you carry international converter kit, consisting of complete set of adapter plugs. Multi-purpose electric plugs can also be taken along as most of the hotels have a limited number of plugs.

The power cuts are frequent in most regions of the country at day and night time without any prior notice. It is advised to always carry a torch or a flashlight along with you. Yet, most accommodations are well equipped with generators to provide power supply at the times of cut offs.

Vaccination & Health Information

When travelling to Bhutan, make sure you get up to date with the routine vaccines before reaching the place. These include varicella (chickenpox), MMR, polio, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine, and yearly flu shot vaccine. Most travellers prefer to take the vaccination for Hepatitis B and typhoid whether some prefer to take Hepatitis B, yellow fever, rabies, malaria, and other vaccines. For additional key safety, drink and eat clean everywhere in the country and avoid sharing body fluids.


The number of visitors is large for the mesmerising beauty of Bhutan so the availability of hotels and accommodations is not a serious problem. However, the prices for the same vary as per the occasion and peak seasons of visiting the country. Most Indians are quite reserve with the vegetarian food in Bhutan but the problem of availability is quite severe. Most hotels provide breakfast and dinner in the packages who cook normal vegetarian food including daal, roti, rice and subzi.


Bhutan with the capital Thimphu has the official language known as Dzongkha. Most regions have different languages, as the country is linguistically rich with over nineteen types of languages spoken all over the country. Besides being national language, Dzongkha is the native language of western Bhutan. In the eastern region of Bhutan, Tshanglakha is the native language of the region on the other hand, Lhotshamkha is spoken all over the southern Bhutanese region with the Nepali origin. However, many people of the country speak English for tourists. The education ration in the country is High so people speaks and understand English widely. 

Passport And Visa Information

The important information regarding Bhutan travel is as enlisted:

  • Carry a valid passport and visa while visiting Bhutan if you are not the resident of India, Bangladesh or Maldives.
  • Visa on Arrival facility is available for the Indian, Maldives and Bangladesh nationals if they have a valid passport, with at least 6 months’ validity.
  • It is not necessary for Indians to carry Visa as a voter ID card is sufficient and the same applies to visa.
  • The travellers entering the country will be given an entry pass at the time of crossing the border.
  • If the Indian citizen neither have a passport nor have an identity card, he can obtain the identification slip through applying for the same in Indian Consulate Office by providing Aadhar card, birth certificate or another equivalent proof.
  • You can get all information regarding VISA norms by visiting the website This is the official website of Bhutan for Visa.

Safety and Security

All the touring operators offers the visitors to enjoy sightseeing, accommodation, food and travelling at their own which is safe in almost all the terms. Remember to take the special packages for touring Bhutan from reputed or certified operators only. Some offer group tours whether some offer customized tours where you can do several things at your own. The local travel agency organizes the local sightseeing for the visitors. You should beware of reptiles in Bhutan as it is very common there.

Visiting Places of Worship: Do’s and Dont’s at Religious Places

The country has rich culture and sensitive for its religious values. So, you must know what to do and what not when you are in Bhutan.

What to Do?

  • It is considered good if you wear sleeved clothes and full length skirt as a woman.
  • The clothing criteria of wearing full clothes is applied same to the men.
  • Ask the people before taking photographs as it’s not allowed at many religious places.

What NOT to do?

  • Most monasteries and religious places do not allow people wearing the revealing clothes harming the sentiments of local people. So, do not wear such clothes there.
  • Taking pictures inside the religious places is not permitted at some places. Do not harm people’s sentiments by clicking at such places.

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