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Valuable information about Sri Lanka

The misty mountains, rising waves of sea, giant whales, sneaky leopards, magnificent past, and warm smiles are the bunch of phrases which define Sri Lanka. With so many beautiful locations stored up in this place, a traveler could never get enough of this magnificent country. Besides the majestic locations, Sri Lanka is known for its warm hospitality, exotic fruits, and spicy food. With so many varied cultures Sri Lanka celebrates series of vibrant festivals all around the year.


Sri Lanka ranks at 57th number in the world’s most populated country with the population of 20,277,597, and its annual population rate is at 0.73%. Sinhalese is the largest ethnic group in Sri Lanka covering 74.8% of the country’s total population. Sri Lankan Tamilans rank second most popular ethnic group covering 11.2% of the total population.


Coming to the climate of this beautiful country, it is mostly tropical and warm because of the moderating effect caused by ocean winds. Basically the temperature varies from 17 degree Celsius in the central highlands and this region might experience frost in the winters with temperature going maximum at 33 degree Celsius in other areas with lower altitudes. Average annual temperature varies from 28 degree Celsius to somewhat 31 degree Celsius. The temperature of day and night may vary by 14 degree Celsius to 18 degree Celsius. The pattern of rainfall is highly influenced monsoon that winds from the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean. The windward steeps of the country many receive rainfall up to 2,500 millimeters each year. The dry zone of Sri Lanka comprises with eastern, northern, and southeast part which receive rainfall between 1,200 and 1, 9000 millimeters per year.


While there is no official clothing in Sri Lanka, ‘sarong’ for men and ‘sari’ for women are the most popular costumes. The traditional men’s clothing has always been simple and clear with men of different age group wearing either sarong or trousers. However for women, the clothing is a bit more complicated. Their costumes depend on their ages, event, and marital status. Generally, women of this country wear sari or half sari, however, it depends on regional habits. Little girls there often wear blouses and skirts and the girl who reached puberty generally wear a half sari. Married women and older women always wear a sari.


To visit and explore, Sri Lanka you would need to change your home currency into Sri Lanka Rupee. The value of 1 USD is around 15o Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR). Make sure that you change it before leaving for Sri Lanka. You can get your currency exchanged conveniently in your respective airport.


The normal electricity voltage for Sri Lanka is 220V to 240V. So, do not plug in your electrical appliances if they are manufactured to work at 110V (which is common in USA) in order to avoid fatal fire or frying of those gadgets. Plugs with 3 square or round pins are common in Sri Lanka.

Vaccination and Health Information

Before you travel to Sri Lanka, it is better to take some vaccination and health information. Sri Lanka doesn’t really rank on top when it comes to hygiene, so it is better you take travel vaccines. Consider the following tips:

  • It is recommended to take Hepatitis A vaccine because of contaminated food and water in the country, irrespective of where you are staying you can get hepatitis.
  • You should also get the vaccine for Typhoid because the contaminated food and water can also give your Typhoid.
  • It is recommended to get this vaccine especially if you are living with relatives or friends, or visiting rural areas.


The two main languages that are spoken in Sri Lanka are:

  • Tamil
  • Sinhalese

Along with that, the community member of Burgher speaks a different kind of Portuguese Dutch, and Creole with ranging proficiency members of the Malay community speaks a kind of Creole Malay that is unique to this country.

Their constitution refers English as a link language, and it is popularly used for scientific, education, and various commercial purposes.

Hotels/ Accommodation

Finding a good place to stay in Sri Lanka is not a problem at all. The accommodation prices range differently depending on the peak time of the visitors in the country. However, if you visit Sri Lanka in off season, you will get a huge discount on hotels and rental places.

For travelling around in the country, you can hire different vehicles from taxis, bikes, to cars, depending on your preferences. If you are used to travelling in public transportation, then you can give it a try. But with the crowd, you will not feel comfortable, so it is better to hire your own vehicles.

Passport and Visa Information


To visit Sri Lanka, you would need passports with one blank page and should be valid for not less than six months from the arrival date.


People from all nationalities would require Sri Lanka Visa to enter Sri Lanka. Business travelers and tourists can apply online via Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) System and pay the application fee. It is recommended that you apply for a visa before you travel to the country. You can visit the official site for getting ETA as it is compulsory for all. Get a hassle free service of VISA for Sri Lanka at Vue India.

Safety and Security

Violent crime against travelers is quite rare in Sri Lanka, however over the years, the crime rates have been increasing significantly in the country. So make sure that you make your travel arrangement with reputable travel companies when travelling to Sri Lanka.

Visiting places of worship: Do’s and Dont’s at religious places

With such a bright and different cultural background, Sri Lanka is a country filled with religious places to visit and explore. These places tell a lot about the rich culture and history of this pace. While there are no such particular rules that need to be followed in the religious places, there are some points which you should not miss.

The Do’s:

  • It is advised to wear decent clothes while visiting the religious places.
  • Show gratifying, or at least respectful, behavior to the religious buildings and objects.

The Dont’s:

  • Do not pose inappropriately with the statue of Buddha or at any religious place.

Other than that, you don’t have to worry about anything people here are quite nice and welcoming.

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