10 Amazing UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India

Incredible India, a saga of glorious culture, natural wonders and archeological marvels is a dream destination for the world travelers. Where stones are exquisitely carved into poetry, natural beauty surpasses human imagination and where myriad of cultures put on an extravagant show, it’s not surprising that a lot of monuments made to the UNESCO Heritage list in India. So, what are you waiting for? Explore the UNESCO heritage trails with the best tour operator in India for an immersive and remarkable experience in this great land.
Let’s take a glimpse at some of the must-visit UNESCO heritage destinations in India that beckon your visit once in your lifetime.

Taj Mahal – the epitome of eternal love

Taj tour
The celestial Taj Mahal stands like a grand vision of love withstanding the course of time, enthralling visitors from all over the world. This masterpiece of Mughal architecture was created by Mughal Emperor Shah Jehan in the loving memory of his queen Mumtaj. It is located on the right bank of the Yamuna River in a vast Mughal Garden, in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. Taj Mahal is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and the most popular Heritage Tours of India.

Qutub Minar, Humayun’s Tomb and Red Fort, Delhi – Landmark Mughal Ministries

red fort in delhi
The Mughal architecture is a marvelous amalgamation of Indian, Persian and Islamic styles which flourished in Indian sub-continent from 16th to 18th century. While Taj remains the finest specimen of Mughal architecture, there are other graceful markers of the art-loving Mughals in Delhi, the capital city of India.
Qutub Minar is situated in New Delhi area is the tallest brick minaret in the world at an impressive height of 120 meters. Qutub Minar, with its adjoining monuments forms the Qutab Complex, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The iconic Red Fort, situated at the heart of Delhi was built by Shah Jahan when he shifted his capital from Agra to Delhi. This red-sandstone citadel acted as the main fortification in the city was once adorned with precious stones and intricate floral motifs. If you are planning for a memorable trip this year, select the India Heritage Tour to discover the glorious culture.

Sun Temple, Konark- A dream carved in stone

Sun Temple Konark
The stunning 13th century monument is carved like a colossal chariot for the Sun God with 24 wheels spiked by 7 horses located at the base of the temple. The wheels are no ordinary wheels, but are sundials used for calculating time of the day by studying the shadow created by wheel. The temple is a specimen of human archeological engineering with its impressive sculptures and carvings on the walls and pillars. One can enjoy the magnificent sunrise and sunset in the Bay of Bengal.

Khajuraho- Desire perfected to bliss

The beautiful medieval temple campus of Khajuraho has been mesmerizing the world tourists with its intricate carving and erotic sculptures. Spread across over an area of about 9 square miles, the temples depict the lifestyle of women in the medieval age. Some of the temples are dedicated to Jain and Hindu deities as well.

Mahabodhi Temple- Towards the great awakening

Mahabodhi Temple
Mahabodhi or the Buddhist temple of Great Awakening Temple, is in Bodhgaya, Gaya. Legends say that Lord Buddha attained enlightenment here. The complex was first built by Emperor Asoka in 3rd century B.C. It’s one of the brick temples, still standing elegantly bearing the testament of brick architecture in the sub-continent.

Hampi, Karnataka – a spellbinding grandiose

Humpi ,Karnataka
The austere city of Hampi was the last capital of the kingdom of Vijayanagar and is one of the most stunning archaeological places in the world with its massive catalogue of over 500 monuments. One of the major highlights of Hampi is the Musical pillars in Vitthala Temple which echo when tapped!

Kumbhalgarh Fort, Rajasthan – A majestic saga

Kumbhalgarh Fort, Rajasthan
Kumbhalgarh Fort extends over 38 km and is known as the Great Wall of India. It is claimed to be the second longest continuous wall in world after the Great Wall of China. Tucked in the ancient Aravallis and surrounded by thirteen peaks of the range, the fort offers some of the stunning views of the surrounding areas. This fort is the birthplace of brave warrior Rana Pratap, the most powerful Mewar King.

Ajanta and Ellora Caves- Sculpted to glory

Ajanta and Ellora Caves
The Ajanta and Ellora Caves in Maharashtra are one of the oldest UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India. The campus comprises some brilliant 31 rock-cut sculptures, paintings and several Buddhist shrines which date back to 2nd century BC. With the exquisite carvings of the Ajanta Caves, the beginning of the Indian Classical Art begins.

Sundarbans, West Bengal- Playground of the Royal Bengal Tigers

The Sunderbans National Park is spread over two countries of India and Bangladesh. These mangrove forests are natural home of the Royal Bengal Tigers, the biggest of all cats. The Sunderbans are home to many endangered creatures like the Gangetic dolphin, jungle fowl, giant lizards, crocodiles and many more. One can easily spot rare species like Batagur baska, King Crabs and Olive Ridley Turtles.

Kaziranga National Park, Assam – The land of the Royal Rhinos

Kaziranga National Park, Assam
Kaziranga is world-known for the great one-horned rhinoceros. With the sheer forest, lush green elephant grass and shallow water pool, this protected park is a paradise for wildlife. The peaceful environs and unique biodiversity that Kaziranga has in terms of its flora and fauna can be explored by wildlife safaris that include both Elephant safaris and Jeep safaris. India Heritage Tour Packages promise you a firsthand experience as you delve deep to the spectacular array of India’s UNESCO heritage destinations.

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