10 Super-delicious Pure Indian Beverages to Ruin the plan of Sun to Torture you!

India is a living epitome of unity in diversity. With weather as speckled and extreme as India, its natives need innumerable options to quench their thirst depending upon the weather conditions.

Every state in India has cultural diversity and its own local cuisines and beverages which are a perfect blend of several local spices, herbs and various other ingredients. All of these ingredients together enhance the taste of the beverages to a great level.

These drinks are available nearly everywhere from street vendors to posh restaurants. These drinks are not only tasty but healthy at the same time.

We have created a rundown of the most unique and refreshing drinks of India:

10. Buransh Juice from Famous Flower from the land of Gods
drinks of india

This delicious and intoxicating drink is served at most of the hotels in Uttarakhand. It looks like one of the most common red – hued brew of rose flower. However, its taste is different and it has a jelly like consistency. It is derived from local flower rhododendron which on its own is very sweet in taste and does not need any more preservatives.

9. Kokum Sherbet- to keep heat at Bay 
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Another very rich delicacy of Maharashtra the Kokum Sherbet is one of the most exotic drinks, which is prepared by the extracted juice of Kokum, Citrus acid and sugar for sweetening. This drink is extremely refreshing and prevents from sun stroke. As a matter of fact, it acts as a remedy for acidity and is revitalizing.

8. Get Ready for the Rice Beer Apo 
apo rice beer arunachal
Yet another refreshing drink from Arunachal Pradesh is Apo which is a fermented rice beer. It is the best beverage for attracting the customers who are adventure enthusiasts and offers them an amazing cocktail. The procedure of producing Apo is quite complicated the rice is roasted till it turns completely black. Then it’s allowed to ferment and bhut jolokia is added as a preservative. Bhut jolokia is in fact among the spiciest peppers worldwide. This drink is mostly served at room temperature.

7. Taste Royalty with Kesar Kasturi 
kesar kasturi drink of rajasthan
As Rajasthan is the land of royalty and rajputanas. So the drinks at Rajasthan depict the grace of Rajputanas in their taste and essence. Although the Kesar Kasturi is the guarded secret of royal family but now with the passage of time it is common to general folks as well. As a matter of fact, it is a perfect blend of 76 different spices and it’s a must try for you if you want to feel the heavenly essence of Rajputanas culture.


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6. Enjoy White Palm Wine – Kallu 
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Just opposite to the name ‘Kallu’ is a white colored palm wine, which is made by the soap of palm trees .It is also commonly also known as Toddy. This gives a slight strong hit. This sweet mixture of different elements cannot be taken lightly.

5. Taste Chaang from Sikkim
chaang from sikkim

Chaang is a drink originally from Nepal, made from fermented millet. It can also very closely relate to beer. As a procedure, the millet is fermented in bamboo barrels, which are also known as dhungro. The procedure of fermentation can take place anywhere with a time frame of 7-10 days or 6 months. Chaang is served hot, usually preferred in cold winters.

4. Love the YU from Manipur
Yu - drinks of india

Yu is one of the most famous drinks in Manipur. ‘I Love Yu‘ this is what you hear a Manipuri say while he is serving you with the drink. It is made from rice and it’s as smooth as vodka. It totally depends on you why you want to drink YU as it has a lot many astonishing properties like medicinal, refreshing and revitalizing.

3. Drown in the serenity of Zutho
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This is another attraction from Nagaland. It is also a variety of rice beer, which is the specialty of this state. The main thing to notice about this invigorating drink that is produced by an immensely elaborated process of fermentation. It is a combination of sweet and sour taste which is the main feature of this drink.


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2. Get chilled with Thandai 
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It is so far the best energizing drink from Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. Varanasi is called as ‘Spiritual Capital of India’ and also ‘The City of God’. Thandai is the speciality of Varanasi. It is prepared by mixing various dry fruits, fennel seeds, rose petals and other taste enhancing ingredients into milk. One full good glass of thandai will leave you satisfied.

1.The famous Punjabi Lassi 
lassi the best drink from punjab in india

People from all over the country adore lassi. However, this beverage mainly belongs to Punjab but still a huge lot of people who love lassi and its rich texture.

Which of these beverages looked most awesome to you? Which aren’t yet tasted by you? And, haven’t these drinks initiated the thought of arriving to India in your mind?

Do not forget to answer these questions. Comment below.

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