25 Sentences in Hindi that you must learn before visiting India

“If you talk to a person in a language he understands, it goes to his head;

But when you talk to him in a language he knows, it goes to his heart!”

The Language barrier is the biggest issue for a traveler on visiting a foreign nation. The local people struggle to understand their language creating a misunderstanding which may lead to unexpected repercussions; it may lead to a wrong guidance for a particular address, or a halt at the wrong venue or maybe higher price of a cheap product. So it’s necessary to know the basic regional language in order to save yourself from any hazard!

learn hindi while travel to india

The first language of India is Hindi and English is ranking at third 

Talking about India, though people understand and are good English speakers, it’s necessary for the tourist to know the basic Hindi language to rescue themselves from a major misunderstanding or to converse with the local vendors, hotel staff, some villagers, autowalas, some shopkeepers as these people struggle to keep a track of English.

Statistics say that almost 60% of the Indian population is well versed in Hindi and the remaining 40% are good at understanding it. Visiting in a any corner of India, knowing the basic Hindi language will come handy.

Regions where Hindi is the main language of conversation

Hindi is spoken as the main language in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Himachal Pradesh, Chattisgarh, and Rajasthan. So, while visiting these places, learning the basics of the national language is indeed very important. It is really convenient for the tourists  learn only one language as looking at the cultural diversity; learning different languages would have been an issue for the travelers.

Regions where you can get away with speaking in Hindi

There are some regions in India, where, although the main language is not Hindi, but the people don’t oppose the language and teach it as a secondary language in the curriculum. This includes the states of West Bengal, Gujarat, Punjab, Orissa, Maharashtra and the 7 sisters of India (northeastern states). Hence, Hindi will be your savior in these states too.

States where Hindi is just understood

In the southern states of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, the local people struggle to talk in Hindi but can understand the basics. However, if you are lucky enough, you will find people who can respond to your questions. The chances of this are rare, but you can always count on your luck!

Non-Hindi Speaking States

Though Hindi is the national language of India but the country is diverse and have more than 30 regional languages being used in its different parts. So, chances are that you find less people who speak Hindi. But remember, less isn’t equal to zero. so, you will find some Hindi-speakers there too.

So, learning Hindi will be a great asset as it will help you in every nook and corner of the country saving you from unwelcome troubles.

So, here’s an insight to some of the Hindi sentences which will prove to be a boon when you visit any state of the nation:-

  1. “Namaste!”

This means Hello or Hi; basically a gesture to greet someone. Put your both palm in posture of prayer and say Namaste. You will receive the same gesture from them.

  1. “Mera naam (your name here eg. Tom ) hai. “

My name is Tom. – Self introduction.


  1. “Aap Kaise hai?”

How are you?

  1. “Main theek hu. “

I am fine.

  1. “Aapka naam kya hai?”

What is your name?


  1. “Kya aap meri madad kar sakte hai?”

Can you help me?

  1. “Mai samjha nahi/ Mai samjhi nahi.”

I didn’t understand.


  1. “Meri Hindi achchi nahi hai”

I am not well versed in Hindi.


  1. “Kya aap English bol sakte hai?”

Can you speak in English?

  1. “Hindi me ____ kaise kehte hai?”

How do you say _____ in Hindi?


  1. Iska daam kitna hai?

How much does this cost?


  1. Ye kyaa hai?

What is this?


  1. “Bahut mehenga hai.”

This is very expensive.


  1. “Mai _____ jaa raha/ rahi hu.”

I am going to ______,


  1. “Washroom kahan hai?”

Where is the washroom?

  1. “Mujhe chot lagi hai.”

I am injured.


  1. “Ye kitna door hai?”

How far is it?


  1. “Hospital kahan hai?”

Where is the hospital?


  1. “Police bulaiye”

Call the police.


  1. Thoda dheere boliye.

Please speak slowly.


  1. “Mujhe ticket kharidna hai”

I want to buy a ticket.


  1. “Maaf kijiye”

Sorry, excuse me.


  1. “Mujhe ye chahiye.”

I want this.


  1. “Mujhe ek bottle pani chahiye”

I want a bottle of water.

..And the last one that draws a smile on everyone’s face.

  1. “Aap se milkar khushi hui!”

I am pleased to meet you.


Though Google Translator will suffice your needs, here’s a helping hand to converse with the local people in India and have a safe trip.


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