29 States for you to visit and 29 signature delicacies for you to rejoice!

In this exclusive issue by Vue India Tours, one the best destination management company, we bring to you the signature dishes of India to give you one more reason to engagingly explore the riveting legacy of every state. Without further ado, let’s jump into each of these twenty nine states and whet your appetite. Bite into these defining cuisines to get a taste of the mysteriously alluring cultures of India.

(The palatable spinach of good health)

A special spinach with an appetizing sour-ish appeal cooked in oil, salt and spices. Give your taste-bud a tingly burst as you mix Gongura with steaming hot-rice. Exclusively cooked in Andhra Pradesh, this cuisine can only be wholly experienced in paradise (not if you take a trip to Andhra Pradesh).

(The ungrudging spice that selflessly efface)

Sengmora (spice) is native to the moist fertile lands of Arunachal Pradesh. It has an aroma–inducing essence that turns an ordinary dish into a mouth-watering cuisine. When heated it lends it color to the curry it is cooked with to give a mouthful of punch. Mutton curry cooked in Sengmora served with warm rice and traditional local rice beer hallmarks Arunachal Pradesh to its finest.

Mansor Tenga Fish
(Stir your senses into a sizzling stupor)

The gourmet that does not ever lose its novelty, Tenga Fish served in richly-textured gravy will leave your palate wanting for more. Freshly picked from the sea water, Mansor Tenga fish is cooked with lemon, dry mango, exotic spices and tomato. Behold the flamboyance of Assam in your plate.

Litti Choka
(Stuffed dynamite that explodes in your mouth)

This spicy snack is a wheat ball that is filled with gram flour, smashed potato and selected vegetables. They are typically eaten right off the meshed cooking tray, and also can be paired with pungent chutney to rile up your taste buds. This specialty is cooked in Bihar.

(Syrup-fried dumpling made of squashed rice)

Hailed as the crown jewel of Chattisgarh, Dehrori is specially cooked by bakers during diwali season. It is one of most eaten sweets in India after Jalebi. Seasoned with a hint of cardamom and crushed nuts, Dehrori will make you jump in joy!

(Warm cake with frosty ice cream)

Goa is the perfect holiday destination because of its contrast experiences. So is the gourmet of this state. Indulge in the hot and cold dessert of Goa which is nation’s favorite sweet and one that is never missed once you take a trip to the party capital of India.

(Spicy rolls made with natural spices)

Khandvi is the pride of Gujarat, the land of sweet’n’spice condiments. This signature snack is made with gram flour, sesame, mustard seeds, yogurt, green-chillies and coconut. Flavored with a punchy aroma, Khandvi will incite your taste-bud with every bite.

(The soft squishy plateful of salubrious rice)

Made in Haryana, Khichdi is palatial mixture of pearl millet, rice, pulses and sesame oil. Loaded with dense-calorie, this nutrient rich is an ideal balance diet to boost energy.

(Savory chickpea curry made with yoghurt and coconut puree)

Born and Bred in Himachal Pradesh, Madra is a mouth-watering cuisine that is prevalent almost in the entire North India. Get yourself a dose of good health by throwing yourself into chickpea curry made with coconut puree, raisins, almond, yogurt and spices.

Kalaadi Cheese
(Food from Paradise on Earth)

Kalaadi Cheese is a thick layer of cheese that is locally produced in Jammu and Kashmir. Its dense texture forms the perfect wrap for shredded meat or vegetables to give your mouthful of delicacy. You cannot afford to miss Kalaadi Cheese on your trip to the paradise of India.

(Nature’s miraculous finely shaped mushrooms)

Rugda is a mushroom that is native to Jharkand. These luscious mushrooms are juicy and possess a taste of its own. When cooked in spice and eaten along with rice, Rugda will appeal to non-vegetarians as well for its appetizing aroma.

Pandi Curry
(Delectable juicy pork curry)

Pandi is telegu word for Pork. Cooked with care till the curry turns dark, the signature dish of Karnataka will have you crying for more. Served with indigenous flat bread ‘Akkiroti’ and is a celebrated cuisine of Karnataka.

Mutton Istu
(Swim into a flavorsome mutton stew)

Loosely pronounced as Istu instead of Stew, this Kerala specialty will make for a bountiful meal. You’ll have your taste-bud salivating for more when this chopped meat cooked in coconut milk washes on your palate. Ask for a vegetable istu, in case you wish to try the vegetable delight.

Bhutte ka kees
(Mashed corns sprinkled with grated coconut shreds)

Made from squashed sweet corns as the name suggests Bhutte is an Indian word that means Corn. Another spicy dish from central India, i.e Madhya Pradesh, will make you addicted to the city.

(Indian multi-grain Pan cakes)

Thalipeeth is a multi-grain spicy pancake made with proprietary blend of herbs, peppers and condiments. Being a traditional dish of Maharastra, this dish is served with Buffalo cream. Although there are many other traditional snacks, Thalipeeth is one of the most distinguishing of them all.

Khaman Asinba Kangshoi
(Savory vegetable soup with whole fried fishes)

Manipur’s contribution this list is feisty one. Imagine having the savory delight of freshly-cut vegetable soup with fried fish dipped to make for an appetite booster. It is the staple of Manipur and one that you should definitely try when you visit here.

(The idea of biryani redefined)

Presenting to you from the house of Meghalaya, a biryani that has been completely re-imagined and given a distinct punch from its counterparts. A bowl full of red hill rice grown on the floral bed of the crest of the Meghalayan hill. Served with garnished mutton or chicken with slices of pickled mangoes, this feast will stir up your spirit.

(Experience the refreshing aroma of boiled delicacy)

Another dish that is provides a savory taste and a bowl of good health is Sawchiar. Cooked exclusively in Mizoram, this cuisine is boiled with rice, meat and secret spices that turns an ordinary soup into delectable indulgence.

Dry Bamboo shoots
(Minced pork sewn around a bamboo shoot)

Nagaland signature dish is Dry Bamboo Shoots laced in minced Pork. Pork is cooked with bamboo shoots, chillies, herbs and served with boiled rice. The dish is very spicy and has a strong flavor.

Chhena Poda
(Indian version of Ricotta Cheese)

Baked in the ovens of Odisha, this ricotta cheese is toasted and shaped like a cake. The sweet delicacy will leave you wanting for more because of its rich taste, texture and appeal. It is one of the sweets that are available throughout the year for you to enjoy.

Makke ki Roti
(Richly prepared corn-powder bread that is heavier than pizza)

Punjab has the most fertile soil in the entire country because of the presence of five rivers in the state. Naturally, the Indian Bread of Punjab is kneaded with manually-grown organic corn that reeks of organic aroma. Makke ki Roti borrows the savor from the corn that kneads it and when served with mustard spinach, it will make your burst with joy.

Malai Ghewar
(India’s very own donut)

Prepared in Rajasthan, this round shaped sweet is a delight in every bite. Ghevar is made in three forms; plain, mava or malai ghevar and is 8-10cm in diameter. Not only significant to the festivals of Rajasthan, but is one of most sold sweet in Rajasthan. You don’t eat Malai Ghewar, you take a slice of tradition!

(Broiled pork with a hint of inciting curry)

As you saunter through the street of Sikkim, imagine hovering and being drawn to a restaurant. Yes, the strong magnetic aroma of Phagshapa will tempt you have a mouthful of this spicy meal. Made from pork-chop, whole red chillies and carefully chosen spices, Phagshapa is must have in your holiday tour to India.

Kambu Koozh
(Chilled antacid drink with a twist)

Stirred and mixed in Tamil Nadu, this is a traditional drink that is served in mud pots to preserve the aroma and frigid factor. It is delicious and also nutritious because it made from millet grains. You’ll be licking your lips dry when you’re served along with onions, fried chilly or pickle.

Hyderabi Biryani
(Essence of royalty in your plate)

In the state of Telangana, the royalty and recipe of Nawabs have been passed over a century to finds its way into the modern way as the king of biryani. Aromatic rice garnished with spices and whole cut chicken will spiral your mind into frenzy because of its lip-smacking taste.

Awan Bangwi
(The flagship rice cake)

Tripura is a modest city located in the north-eastern side of the country and is the famous for its mind-blowing rice-cakes. Make sure you control your food-instinct when you visit here. Yoked with guria rice, ginger, onion, cashew, ghee, raisins, pork and other condiments, this delicate savory is wrapped in exotic Lairu leaves to allow the heat seep into the core to make for a feisty meal.

Baingan ki Lonje
(Semi-cooked eggplants)

Although there are more than 100 specialties in Uttar Pradesh, Baigan ki Lonje tops the chart for its unique flavor and distinct appeal. It is whole eggplants incised at the center sprinkled with Kalonji seeds. The outer skin is fried till is sparkling brown, you get good health and an unforgettable delight in every bite.

Bal Mithai
(Sweeter than Hershey’s and Burdick Chocolates)

Uttarakhand is state that attracts millions of tourist because of its breath-taking hill-stations and Bal Mithai makes them keep coming back for more. Being the chief sugar-cane producer of India, Bal Mithai is in essence made from roasted milk and sugar-cane juice evaporated together to form dollops of the mithai. This is further re-shaped and garnished with small white sugar balls.

Daab Chingri
(Iconic pride of West Bengal)

Daal Chingri will completely reinvigorate your spirit because of its soulful blend of spices that dates back to original of Bengali Culture. Let yourself slide into the lake of juicy gratification as you bite into luscious fresh-water prawns cooked in coconut milk and mustard. Served by placing the prawn in a green coconut (Daab) along with boiling rice.

It’s time you let out your love for food and pack your bags as you embark on your holiday tours to India. Let Vue India tour take care of your travel hassles and make sure you ask for the limited festival exclusives and unique experiences of your visit when you talk to us.

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