4 Unique Food Experiences in India

India has something new to offer at every step and holds promises of a new day, every day. One of the most striking things about India is its diversity; not only in culture, language, traditions, & topography but also in its cuisines. Every Indian state has a different cuisine to offer.

Indian food is an amalgamation of taste, flavours and colors and is meticulously cooked with different techniques, ingredients, and spices which gives each dish its distinct aroma. Most prominent recipes have been influenced by various civilizations, passed down from many generations. From Hyderabad’s Dum Biryani to Litti-Chokha of Bihar, Kashmiri Chaman Qaliya, Bhut Jolokia Murgh of Northeast, and Macher Jhol of Kolkata, every Indian cuisine is a melting pot of culture, lifestyles, and traditions.

Any Food Experience in India is an exquisite one, no doubt! But, we bring to you the top 5 that must not be missed.


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1. A Majestic Meal in Masterji Ki Haveli, Old Delhi


One of the oldest private mansions in Delhi, Masterji Ki Haveli is a sight to behold. Three stories centered around a courtyard, stone pillars carved with intricate motifs, an architecture that mimics Mughal styles, and a terrace that offers a remarkable view of the Jama Masjid & Delhi’s skyline- with features as marvelous as those, this mansion lives up to its reputation as a true flag bearer of Delhi’s monarchical status.

But, the highlight of Masterji Ki Haveli is that it offers one of the most unique dining experiences in Delhi: a home-cooked Indian meal.

You can participate in the cooking process if you wish to. If not, you can simply explore the mansion and then sit down to a piping hot concoction of delicious items, made just for you. The cooking sessions are hosted by the residents who are more than happy to teach you. These sessions are personalized to give you an in-depth idea of the cooking techniques.


2. A Private Cooking Experience in Kerala


No matter how you spend your time in God’s Own Country, one thing is certain: you can’t skip the food!

Kerala is one of the best food destinations in India. Its palate has some exquisite flavours and spices and its cuisines are prepared by following a distinct practice of prepping& cooking which is simple yet flavourful.

The best way to explore Kerala’s scrumptious home-cooked meals is a food focussed experience in the home of a local. Accompany your host to the market and pick out the ingredients for the cuisine of the day. It could be Pattu, Appam, Prawn Curry, Malabar Parota, or Fish Molee. Help them in preparing a traditional meal & enjoy the feast. This level of interaction will help you understand the value & traditional importance attached to those meals.

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3. Turban-Tying, Kite-Flying, & A Unique Dining Experience in Rajasthan


Known for its royal roots, chivalry, and majestic forts & palaces, Rajasthan is a true kaleidoscope of flavours & colors. This desert-state has a superb range of culinary delights & dominating flavours like the lalmass, tangy veggie curries, spicy meats, and sweet-salty desserts.

Get a first-hand introduction to Rajasthan’s distinctive lifestyle by spending a day with a local family. Learn the art of tying a turban- the traditional Rajasthani headgear, draping a saree, and flying a kite. What follows is equally exhilarating, as you watch & assist your hosts in preparing a home-cooked, absolutely scrumptious Rajasthani meal.

Sit down to dine in the courtyard of the house with your hosts. Feast on dishes like Bajre ki roti, Panchmel ki Sabzi, Shahi Gatte, and Rajasthani curry. Take some of these recipes home and create a mini-Rajasthan in your kitchen.


4. Outback Village Dining Experience in Amritsar


The Golden Temple of Amritsar needs no introduction; neither does the Langar or free community meal that serves up to 100,000 people each day. The simple and nutritious meal tastes like a divine blessing, especially because of the entire community who volunteer to help.

But, a more authentic way to experience Punjab’s culinary marvels is to take a short excursion into any of the villages near Amritsar. Known for their jovial nature and warm hospitality, Punjabis will welcome you into a local home where you will spend a day with them, enjoying the fresh air, novel nature, and simplistic lifestyles. The best part- they will feed you in the true Indian spirit with mouth-watering local food, like Lahorey Chicken, Shikar Da Achaar, Gajjaraan Da Murabba, Bharwan Keema Karela, Ganne Wale Chawal, and Makke di Roti.

The time you spend with the village folks will give you a deeper insight into the norms of rural Punjab as well as a few very traditional, very appetizing recipes.

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Celebrate Food in India with Unique Dining Experiences

Each dish in India is a reflection of a particular culture. The extensive range of Indian cuisine varies from simply fantastic to complicated but flavoursome items.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your visit to this wonderful country and gear up for an amazing food experience in India. Do contact us for any queries.

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