5 Overnight Desert Camping Trips in Rajasthan That Will Leave You in Awe

Civilization, the humanized orderly living manner, is often better appreciated when one has had the good luck of spending a night away from it.


This thought is resonated by many people. Especially in the case where camping trips in Rajasthan are being considered. Most camping-enthusiasts view it as an exercise, a one-on-one session with nature that helps them relax. It gives them an opportunity to disentangle their heads, let go of all the stress around them.

But, the best part of camping in this era is the availability of uber-unique accommodations & services which make the experience more luxurious while enhancing the appeal of spending time with nature.

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Sit by the Fire. Enjoy the Serenity. Luxury Camping in Rajasthan Awaits

Tent, raw nature, bonfire- That could very well be the summary of a camping trip.

In Rajasthan, however, there’s more to a night out in the wild than any run-of-the-mill camping trip. Between the traditional Rajasthani dances, cultural musical performances, barbeques on the sand dunes, and a dinner that’s no less than a royal meal, the best camping tours in Rajasthan can be aptly described as a magnificent night spent in the majestic landscape of Indian deserts.

Planning to Visit Rajasthan Anytime? Try These Five Overnight Camping Trips in Rajasthan for a Unique Experience

  1. Jodhpur


Osian in Jodhpur is also called the Khajuraho of Rajasthan and the Oasis of the Thar Desert.

Osian is an old settlement. While there are many luxury camping trips in Rajasthan’s Jodhpur, in Osian, you can feel the time shift dramatically in your presence, and yet experience the stillness of time in Osian’s unique ancient temple, monuments, and statues.

The wildlife, antiquities, and tents full of amenities make this Jodhpur camping destination one of the best places for camping in Rajasthan.

  1. Jaisalmer


You may have heard the phrase ‘Live like Royals.” But, have you ever tried camping like the Royals used to do in their heyday?

The nights around a full moon, as well as the night of the full moon, is considered the best time to take up a camping trip in Rajasthan’s Jaisalmer. The camps are often arranged in the formation of a royal entourage. You can enjoy activities like camel safari trip and cultural desert festivals.

Try the overnight Jeep safari trip. Camp on the golden sand dunes and enjoy the splendid sunset and sunrise. Or, pick the combination of modern tents and traditional entertainment and go on an adventure safari trip while camping.

The meals, accommodation arrangement, and the overall aura of Jaisalmer camps teleport you to a world of magical bliss.

A must-have experience!

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  1. Pushkar


Out of all the best Camping Tours in Rajasthan, Pushkar stands out as the one that exposes you most to the desert’s feral side. You get to experience a sense of primitive civilization.

At the same time, the village scattered around Pushkar, the hordes of camels, the religiously significant Pushkar Lake and its banks filled with opulent tents, they work together to give you an unparalleled experience.

You get an opportunity to blend in with the locals, see them get about regular life in a manner far removed from what you are used to. In the evenings at most Pushkar camps, a bonfire is often paired up with folk Rajasthani music where you can enjoy the multi-cuisine barbeque with other campers.

  1. Ranthambhore


Jungle safari, a tent surrounded by the wild forest, and organic food with other services- that explains what you’ll experience at the Ranthambhore camping trip.

In Rajasthan, an overnight camping tour to the Ranthambhore National Park consists of quite a few eccentric activities, including going on a safari with the desire to capture a tiger and eating a meal at the camp table with fresh food grown in nearby farms.

Camping in a forest is as close to nature as you can get. However, with Ranthambhore Park camps, you also get a sense of safety and luxury without compromising the consciousness that you’re out in the wild, one with nature.

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  1. Mount Abu

5-Mount Abucredit:thrillophilia

Despite its obvious shortage of sand dunes, on the list of destinations for luxury Camping, Rajasthan’s Mount Abu is a highlighted entry.

The reason- Trekking and camping are one of the most anticipated tourist activities in Mount Abu. It is nicknamed the Shimla of Rajasthan. The weather, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, and forests around this hill station will capture your heart.

Mount Abu is one of the best places for camping in Rajasthan if you plan to add trekking to your list of adventures as well. You can trail across the rugged mountain forests with a group, spot exotic sights, stay overnight in a beautiful hill-top camp with a view to the valley and a sense of euphoria, and return the next day with memories of a lifetime.

Luxury Camping Trips in Rajasthan- if You’re in India, You Must Not Miss This Unique Experience

Life is busy. Things need to be done. You don’t always get the chance to spend quality time, either in the solace of your own company or that of your family or friends.

Camping trips in Rajasthan can be the break you deserve. Even if you’re only able to embark on this wondrous journey once in a while, it’ll be worth it to spend a night under the stars, on the sand dunes, in the tranquility of nature and the luxury of royal Rajputana service.

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