7 Hill Stations in India that will Fascinate you in this Summer!

Looking for the top destinations to travel in India in summer?

You will surely get the best answers here. Read on!

What to see in India is a million dollar question because you cannot afford to miss out the magnificent places. However, travel in India in summer literally makes you think about hill stations.

Summer Vacation in India synonymously indicates about an escapade to the snowy breezy sublime mountains and tranquil peaks. Of course, In India, due to it being a versatile country with bountiful options to choose for a summer vacation, it becomes obviously tough to pick a vacation spot.

  1. Auli – Gradient Slopes

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Auli is one of the most beautiful places in the whole world to spend a holiday. Obviously, it makes the best place to enjoy summer holidays in India. The snow clad hills turn a beautiful meadow in summer. Elevated to the height of 2500m, the gorgeous hill station goes hand in hand with adventure and spirituality. Auli is located at the lap of Uttarakhand.

Do not miss the cable ride, Vishnu Prayag, Artificial Lake, Joshimath and Gurso Bugyal.

  1. Gulmarg – Meadow of Flowers

Gulmarg - heaven-on-earth

Mesmerizing meadow of flowers may fill your dream. Capture the breathtaking visuals of the fantasy world, Gulmarg. Do not just fantasize about your dreams, plan for a vacation to Gulmarg. Are you dreaming or is it true? Filled with colorful flowers, Gulmarg brightens up your vacation. Equally popular for exclusive skiing destination in India, it also feeds the desires of adventure junkies.

Popular places of attraction include Gulmarg Gondola, Golf Resort and extensive gold course, Biosphere, reserve, Kongdori and Shark Fin.

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  1. Lonavala – Float on the Clouds


Lonavala is picturesque off the beat attraction located between the bustling city of Mumbai and Pune. It is a verdant delight to the visitors. You can walk, rather float on the clouds, when they soar below you. Go on the nature trails encompassed by a lush green environment, enjoying the soothing breeze. In addition to natural bliss, enjoy the adventurous activities like para gliding, hot air balloon ride, trekking and hiking. Lonavala offers a complete retreat package, which makes the best summer vacation in India.


  1. Gangtok – North Eastern Delight

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Gangtok is the tranquil environment filled with captivating views of gradient peaks. It is equally famous for its vibrant valleys, serene atmosphere and majestic monasteries. Being one of the popular hill stations in India, it is a bustling hill station. Enjoy your vacation filled with various flavors from trekking, flower show, natural trails and much more. Tourists flock to the city from all parts of the world. So, why not plan for your summer vacation in India at Gangtok?


  1. Shimla – The Queen of Hills

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Once the British Capital of India is now the Queen of Hills! What to see in India has the direct answer, ‘Shimla’!
While the echoes and traces of British invasion remain here and there, Shimla has its unique flavor which charms the travelers. Shimla is located in the foothills of the Himalayan region. Elevated at height of 2159m, it is strung across the hillsides, covered by oak, pine and rhododendron forests, pure bliss to cherish. Magnificent Victorian architecture, colonial edifices, and charming entertainment activities add flavor to the serene location. Heritage Cultural Complex, Jakhoo Temple, Arki Fort and Christ Church are the major attractions.

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  1. Munnar – Enchanting Teas and Invigorating Twists

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Located in Kerala, it is one of the well-preserved hill station carrying the authenticity of its natural bliss. Also called as virgin forests, Munnar is situated at the confluence of three valleys in Kerala.

Aromatic cardamom hills, enticing spice gardens, expansive tea plantations, colorful valleys, cascading stream of mountains and flora and fauna, Munnar is sheer beauty. Enjoy your summer vacation in India at Munnar, which compels you to unwind in nature.


  1. Ooty – The Blue Diamond

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Once upon a time, summer holidays in India indicated Ooty, the summer capital of Madras. Just like Shimla, Ooty was the favourite destination of British in India. Of course, the charisma of Ooty still remains the same.

It is a bustling hill station, located on the Nilgiri Mountain Ranges in the state of Tamil Nadu. Although Ooty turned a busy hill station, crowded by a flock of tourists, the treasures remain intact in the remote locations. Gardens and parks, lakes and natural trails, sunset points and peaks, verdant surroundings and valleys, Ooty is a charming summer destination.

Every part of India is ornamented by fascinating destinations. Summer holidays in India ought to be incomplete without giving a visit to the beautiful hills encompassed by lush green forests, flora, and fauna. Ditch the city and even the beaches, go and enjoy the bliss of bountiful nature in soothing hill stations!


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