A Foodie’s Guide to 10 Chosen Rajasthan Delicacies

The Best Advice About What to Eat in Rajasthan

Flavored for its royal culture, heritage, ancient forts, palaces, monuments and camel safaris; Rajasthan guards a lot more in its lap when it comes to the local Rajasthan food. Rajasthan is one of the main tourist places in India and its exotic cuisine is symbolic of its love for food, imbibed culture, people, and the influence of folk. Its gastronomically journey is a quintessential melody of simple yet thoughtfully selected flavours, secret recipes passed over generations and a morsel of royalty. All these combined together and voila – you get dishes simply out of this world.

Tourists travelling to Rajasthan from best travel agency India can tick these 10 iconic Rajasthan dishes to relish off their bucket list as we take you through the journey of gastronomic nirvana.

So here is our hand-picked list of some of the must-have dishes of Rajasthan.


  1. The Flagship Dish – Daal Baati Churma



One of the most interesting facts about Rajasthan is that it is a foodie’s heaven and when in Jaipur, not trying its iconic Daal Baati Churma is a crime. The round wheat flour balls are cooked to perfection in a clay oven, served with traditional lentils, and crushed, sweetened baatis dipped in clarified butter (ghee). One of the most loved dishes of Rajasthan, its delectable mix of spicy dal and sweet churma in dripping ghee is nothing but a pure foodie’s delight.

Look out for the best places to eat Daal-Baati Churma in Rajasthan and you’re sorted for the day!

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  1. The Fiery Fiesta – Laal Maas


The royals and the riches had this one favorite dish, Laal Maas, traditionally cooked over slow fire for hours till you get a perfectly cooked, juiciest tender mutton. Its slurry is typically seasoned with the red chillies, garlic, and served with curd as a base to cool down the fire in belly. The incredible dish is an absolute must try dish for non-vegetarians on a trip to Rajasthan, one of the best places to visit in India. The hot-for-your-guts dish is traditionally served with bajrarotis (millet flour flatbread) in winters and wheat rotis (wheat flatbread) in summers.

  1. Humble and Aromatic – Gatte ki Sabzi/Kadhi


A perfect concoction of the decades of culinary richness of the locals; the humble GattekiSabzi is delectable curry prepared using gram flour as base. The boiled or deep-fried gram flour dumplings are immersed in succulent gravy of traditional spices that makes every bite explode with flavors. The best part is you can accompany this dish with just about anything – wheat rotis, plain rice, churma, or bajrarotis. The choices are endless!

Pro Tip: Head to Pushkar to sample the authentic Gatteki Sabzi. Try Chokhi Dhani Gatteki Sabzi if you’re a sucker for local Rajasthan food.

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  1. Rustic yet Unique – Ker Sangri


Get ready to send your taste buds onto a tantalizing experience with ker Sangri, a berry and bean dish. Ker being the berry and sangria being the bean are tastefully cooked with generous local spices to get a spicy, tangy, and aromatic dish. You’ll find this legendary dish in every Rajasthan kitchen and is an absolute must in Marwari wedding food spread. Savour Ker Sangri with the amazing maze rotis and a simple dal.

  1. Princely Platter- Rajasthani Kadhi


The food journey of incentive trip to India goes ahead with its own version of Rajasthani Kadhi. Just as states like Punjab, Maharashtra, and Uttarakhand are framed for its kadhi, this traditional and local Rajasthani Kadhi also represents its state’s pride with its bursting flavors. The pungent and spicy kadhi is prepared with buttermilk, gram flour, spices and clarified butter. It is a perfect cleanse food or your palate after a street food binge in Rajasthan as it’s light and easy to digest.

Pro Tip: In mood to dwell further into Kadhi? Try Aamraski Kadhi prepared with sweet mango puree and served with plain rice.

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  1. Snacker’s Fantasy – Crispy Kachoris


Try the crispy kachoris in Rajasthan for a flavor that will linger on your taste buds long after your travel to India tour places will get over. These are crispy, deep-fried discs of refined flour stuffed with a spicy filling of lentils. You get many more stuffing options that are truly flavor bombs. Its other variants have a spicy mixture of potato and onion or for those of you with a sweet tooth, there’s Mawa Kachori (a sweet, milk-based dessert ingredient). The best accompaniments for the heavenly kachoris are sweet date and tamarind chutney or spicy green chutney with cilantro and mint leaves. There is no dearth of best places to eat in Rajasthan with each having its own twist to the street food of Rajasthan.

  1. Pickle Delight – Aam Ki Launji

Pickle-DelightAlongside a rich and sumptuous Rajasthani main course dishes and snacks; make way for some Aamki Launji. Rajasthan, being one of the best historical places in India and a hot and warm place, had its locals resort to fruit pickles to help them survive through the weather and to add a tangy edge to the regular Rajasthani food. This is an instant pickle made of raw mangoes prepared with spices, fennel and nigella seeds added to a sweet and sour gravy mixture. We bet you won’t be able to take your hands off this pickle once you lay your taste buds on it.

     8. Tea Time Crispies – Kalmi Vada


Time in for some tea or coffee and how can anyone not taste Kalmi Vadas when travelling to Rajasthan. A perfect snack for evening gossips and mid-time break after shopping and sightseeing in Rajasthan; these deep-fried gram dal fritters are best enjoyed with a spicy cilantro and mint sauce. One of the best and ardently popular snacks of Rajasthan, Kalmi Vadas are available at most restaurants in Rajasthan.

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  1. Sinful Crust – Ghewar

GhewarOne of the most signature dishes of Rajasthan, Ghewar is how Rajasthan is characterized – sweet, layered, and royal. Ghewar is a circular-shaped Rajasthani dessert cooked to perfection with flour, milk, and sugar syrup. It is a staple Rajasthani sweet dish for all festivals, be it Teej, Raksha Bandhan or Ghangor. When you’re out trying the best place to eat Ghewar in Rajasthan, don’t miss to savour its other cousins, Malai Ghewar and Mawa Ghewar.

  1. Indian Doughnut – Balushahi

BalushahiOur very own sweet answer to American doughnut is Balushahi! This is a traditional Rajasthan sweet dish shaped like a doughnut with a flaky texture outside and a sweet, melt-in-your-mouth sugar syrup inside. This is one landmark Rajasthani sweet dish that every ardent sweet lover swears by. The generous sprinkling of nuts on the top makes all hearts fizzle.

Famous Rajasthani dishes, which are extremely popular and much sought-after, in Rajasthan also include Bajreki khichdi, Lapsi, Rabri, and Gatteka Pulao among many. The more you head on to explore Rajasthan; more are your chances to come up with more Rajasthani legendary dishes that emerged as modern-day classics. For an out of the world food experience, book a Rajasthan tour package today from one of the most trusted and best travel agency of India and revel in the legacy of royal splendor.

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