A Tour Amidst the Wedding Season in Rajasthan- What Should You Expect

Welcome to the land of Big, Fat, Indian Weddings!

That’s a phrase that has been scrubbed raw with its usage. You sit miles away from the country under consideration, and yet, you have, at some point, heard, read, or spoken about the lavish grandness of a marriage ceremony in India.

And, why wouldn’t you?

India celebrates over 10 million weddings each year. The rituals vary by region and religion. The festivities can span from one day to ten days at times. The amount of gold bought for the events can easily scare you. The noise, exuberance, vibrancy, colors, music, costumes, dance, and decorations stand as evidence that when it comes to weddings, Indians firmly believe that you either go big or go home.

It’s a sight wrapped in awe and wonder.

Except when you are on tour to India, especially Rajasthan in North India, in the wedding season.

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Visiting Rajasthan in the Wedding Season- Is There Something That You May Not Like?

Not at all.

However, you must acknowledge the fact that there are aspects of every culture that will catch you by surprise. It’s better to acquaint yourself with the organized chaos that Indian weddings can be.

But, Go All the Same- Because, Oh! What a Blessing It’ll Turn Out to Be

By and large, this country embraces everything and everyone with all its heart.

Indian weddings are a riot of amicable coincidences, noise, colors, happiness, and sadness. The energized joy you’ll see during Indian weddings is infectious. Their quirks are heartwarming, their variety astonishing.

If you happen to visit Rajasthan in the wedding season, which falls between November to June for the most part, you’ll be privy to a unique experience.

The attires are magnificent. The procession is colorful, to say the least. If you get invited to one, you’ll discover that the rituals, just as varied in nature and large in number as the types of weddings you’ll find in the country, convey emotion in all places.

From the bride’s giving away ceremony to the groom riding atop an elephant, from the shaking of the mandap to symbolize that the wedding has ended to the assortment of sweets on every table, everything about an Indian wedding is a sight to behold.

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Here’s How to Make Your Tour Amidst the Wedding Season in Rajasthan a Memorable One

  1. Expect the Unexpected on the Roads

Expect the Unexpected on the RoadsCredit: cloudfront

Another cliche, but accurate all the same.

Even if you aren’t looking forward to participating in a Rajasthani wedding, you’ll see the Baaraats or Indian wedding processions everywhere you turn, if it’s the peak season. And, they’ll be loud, tacky, gaudy, spectacular, magnificent, or simple, but never dull.

The processions are usually preceded and followed by a good number of trucks, cars, buses, or tuk-tuks (the autorickshaw), horses, elephants, sometimes even camels.

If your tour vehicle gets stuck in such traffic, expect a delay. Instead of fretting over the matter, enjoy the celebrations in front of you.

  1. Carry Earbuds

Carry Earbuds_2Credit: indianeagle

In Rajasthan, expect the illuminations and explosions to continue all night long. In addition to superb decoration omnipresent, and the general hubbub of the Rajasthani streets, you’ll be greeted with the wedding notes of a staggering variety.

That’s a part of Rajasthani weddings that you don’t want to miss.

With a range of instruments like Nagaras, Dhols, Damrus, Been, Poongi, and Tarpi, the Rajasthani music offers an exotic brew of ragas, dhuns adorned with locally inspired lyrics, and sufi renditions sung by folk singers.

To add awe to this wonder, you have a spectacle of crackers going off in the air one after another like an endless chain of shooting stars defying gravity to rise in the sky.

From little men and young ladies to the elderly, the outburst of sheer joy and excitement encaptures every onlooker’s soul. Once you witness this bewildering manifestation of light and sound, you’ll carry the spectacular sight forever in your heart.

But, carry earbuds in case you choose not to participate or just don’t like noise in general.

  1. Avoid Impromptu Detours


Avoid Impromptu Detourscredit : dnaindia

Wedding venues are booked months in advance. Considering the social spread in Rajasthan, that means a good deal of five-star and four-star hotels will be occupied too, as will be many of the heritage hotels in Rajasthan.

A detour may hurt in such circumstances. There is a chance that your travel group won’t find any good hotels at short notice.

Of course, if your tour is planned well and you have an agreement with a prestigious travel & tourism management company, that problem may not be as daunting as it appears.

That’s something you should figure out before you can embark on the journey, especially if you are a fan of spontaneous plans.

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  1. Blend In

Blend Incredit: aakashtourntravels

Indian weddings will be an astonishing affair for you.

The warmth, the welcoming nature, the customs, the rituals, the display of wealth and power, of happiness and faith, of religion and modernism as well, all of it comes together to make up a Rajasthani wedding the glorious, monumental event it is.

Advice- enjoy more, worry less. The experience will be all the more unique if you mingle with the locals.

The confusion will be sorted sooner or later. For now, focus on the delicious concoction of sweets, firecrackers, and merrymaking.

Rajasthani Weddings Will Reel You In, Hold Your Attention and Keep Your Heart

Between the types of Rajasthani wedding processions you may come across, including the royal Rajputana ones as well as that of regular folks, you’ll find evidence of luxury, extravagance, ancient practices, bizarre ceremonies, and an immense variety of food, among other things.

Now, that you know what to expect and are less likely to be overwhelmed by the Rajasthani wedding season, you can enjoy your trip to India with ease.

Have fun!

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