A tour to the birth place of Yoga, Meditation and Spirituality

Sitting on a Yoga Mat for maybe a couple hours, extending, bowing and breathing was not in my mind, unless I explored the spirituality of the country. However with yoga picking up such a great amount of notoriety around the globe as another way of life game, I thought possibly its opportunity to wander and experiment with this antiquated groundbreaking game and where best to do this yet the legislative hall of yoga, Rishikesh.

Traveling through spiritually-rich beautiful country India, this visits will make you feel sheltered, detoxed and give anything you require to your mind and soul. Transport, accommodation and suppers being organized you which will unwind you and a considerable measure of bother, stress and cash is spared. On such outings you have enough time for quiet reflection and to let your encounters simmer for a while. Investigating some uncommon spots to unwind which are once in a while excellent. In some cases more essential, at times more extravagance yet dependably with the bona fide Indian air. It is not an extravagance withdraw, it is not a shopping knowledge and not a touring visit. We welcome you to jump further and you will have an outing that you will always remember.

Vue India brings some handpicked destinations which best suits to your desire to learn Yoga and heal up your body


yoga tour in rishikesh

Amid the stay in Rishikesh one can rehearse yoga on various spots, go to excellent Puja’s (custom offerings) and take holy plunges in the Holy Ganges. You can ruminate in an exceptional surrender where the sage Vasishta once thought, or can go with the yogis thinking in the sanctuaries or Yogi Math, or on the saves money with tremendous perspective of Ganges River. You can take in the Hatha yoga and Karma Yoga, which Rishikesh is well known for. These sorts of Yoga help you to unplug and contemplate even in a not all that calm condition.


haridwar yoga destination

Haridwar situated at the foothills of Himalaya is fundamentally not a sloping region, however it is the place the slopes or lower scope of Himalayas begin. You can go to a lovely and antiquated night religious offering at the Ganges. Haridwar lies at the foothills of the Himalayas, where the Ganges streams into the plain of India. It is a celebrated journey put that signifies “Entryway to God”, as the Himalayas are viewed as the home the divine beings. You can likewise visit the different ashram adjacent or sanctuaries known for preparing on contemplation and unwinding of mind, which will allow you to unwind and investigate yourself all over at the end of the day without inconveniences, with no significant issue to explain.


yoga tours to india

Varanasi is well known for the Ghats and the Burning Grounds where reflection is done, with the goal that one can separate between the living and passing on. Going to a religious offering to the blessed Ganges is dependably a custom to look forward for. There are extraordinary melodic shows which are led for the Yogis who appreciate Yog and are rehearsing it. The music which is played is heartfelt and unwinding. We will visit the consuming grounds and reflect on the more profound centrality of living and kicking the bucket. At night we will go to a Ganges Puja and visit a traditional Indian music show. You can likewise visit the Ghats with Boat rides just in the event that you require a break from all the most profound sense of being. By and by you will be furnished with the tips which will help you to rehearse Yog when you will be back home.

Ananda Yoga Retreat, Pune


Located at the hill side in Pune, the Ananda Yoga Retreat, you can explore the health based module of Yoga: here people come even to get trained as well as to get healed. Hence the package includes Motivational Yoga Package or Health Yoga Package, out of which you need to choose. Along with it, you can experience peaceful and serene natural surroundings, so that you can discover the inner spirituality. You will also be learning the art of living with hands on experience and difference in practicing Yoga and Meditation. They make you explore what you always wanted, probably a gardener in you, or someone who loves cooking, you can unruffled yourself by doing these general activities which are very different from your daily routine.

The land of spirituality calls you this time

Spiritual trips are one of its own kinds, as they serve two purposes of extreme importance:

  1. These kind of trips relaxes you mind and soul as well as deviate from the pain and agony spread around you.
  2. A yoga trip helps you to rejuvenate and refresh, it makes a new start in your life with a more stable approach and mindset.

Make sure to go for this kind of trip once and you will love the feeling of a new you which you explored after enjoying this trip thoroughly.

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