Bizarre: Monkey train ride in Rajasthan attracts thousands from around the world!

An isolated region in Central Rajasthan called Kamlighat has recently being brought to light. Although locally famous, the train ride here has caused fiery news in the tourism fraternity. The striking phenomenon of this train ride has surged the inflow of visitors from across the world. Inbound travel agencies in India have been inundated by visitors who want to get a piece of this mysterious train ride.

Little known secrets behind the christening of the monkey ride

It’s light-hearted, lively and cheerful vibe will make your heart flutter in exhilaration. Monkey train ride is a laidback afternoon journey experience that passes through heart-pounding tunnels and teetering edges of the hilly terrains widely occurring in Kamlighat. It is sweet-chaos inside the compartment because of the locals passing playful banters and sharing amusing stories. The odd name is picked from the event that marks the end of the journey. The monkeys from around the destination have rote-learned the arrival time and scurry at the platforms to be fed by passengers.

More than 80 years of legacy adjoining princely neighbors

This railway line was set-up in a contractual alliance between two opposing rival emperors. Constructed in the year 1930 in a joint venture between Maharaja of Jodhpur and Maharaja of Udaipur, the design and make of the train represents a fusion of two distinct emblems from both the kingdoms.

This rural train ride has become a tourism highlight because of its peculiarity.

Rajasthan is land of royal culture, luxury and adventure. Although not a mainstream destination yet, monkey train ride will cathartically gratify you.

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