Carnival ‘The Pre Mardi Gras Revelry’ – Goa’s Most Famous Festival

Caressed by the turquoise waters of the Arabian Sea, the western state Goa is India’s most loved beach destination. There’s something about its sun drenched beaches, serene air, a placid languidness and delectable cuisine that makes it an alluring retreat.

The most anticipated carnival in Goa is the Pre Mardi Gras Revelry – a 4 day long razzmatazz that’s observed with much fun fair and gusto prior to the abstinence of Lent period. This year, the grand carnival is happening from Feb 10th to 13th, 2018. Float parades in the four major cities will be at Panjim on 10th feb, Margao on 11th, February, Vasco on 12th February and Mapusa on 13th February. This traditional Goa Carnival dates back to the arrival of the Portuguese in 1510. On Fat Saturday, the legendary King Momo reads a decree to his people, ordering three days of non-stop party before the Lent period. It is believed that Lord Jesus spent 40 days in wilderness, so people are not allowed to indulge in any kind of celebration and consume rich meal like fats, dairy products and meat dish. So, this carnival is like a hedonistic celebration of food, culture and music before one enters the Lent time. The entire state comes alive and pulsating with day and night long merrymaking, eating and drinking and other fun activities on its famed beaches and sun-kissed streets.The preparation for this big event starts from December itself, so it is highly recommended to book your tickets and accommodation much prior to the carnival. It’s a grand show of Goa’s intoxicating music, dance, and other entertainment that also showcases its eclectic cultural fusion as one of the main highlights over the centuries from being a Portuguese colony to one of the most tourist-friendly western states of India.

The Great Goan Carnival

The Goa Carnival is flocked by thousands of tourists from all over the world who participate in this frenzy and bask in the stunning beach state steeped with happiness of this annual cultural carnival. The main streets are thronged by colorful parades accompanied by live dance troupes, masked dancers, music bands and several performances. The neighborhood is decorated with attractive lighting, flags and festoons adding more spark in the invigorating celebration. Goa offers a succulent platter of its lip smacking food to its visitors especially in this festive season.

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