Exceptionally Beautiful and Historically Significant Buildings of India

Each city has its own story and each monument depicts a different architectural blend, all this can only be experienced by those who visit the buildings of historical and cultural significance.

The rich cultural blend and the heritage depicted in the massive structures and buildings of historical significance is something that teaches you a lot about the country. The glorious structures of past still standing tall have a lot to teach us about architecture and style. If you too are fascinated to learn all about it then the best way is to follow the list given here and plan your itinerary.

1. Lotus Temple the Symbol of Unity


Lotus Temple or the Bahai temple (New Delhi) is the second most beautiful marble structure. It comprises of 27 beautifully and aesthetically arranged petals that form the shape of a blooming Lotus. People visit it for its beauty and the serenity offered. It is the perfect place to meditate and experience positive vibes. Once inside, you will marvel at the massive structure that is immaculately arranged. It is a perfect ambience for anyone who wishes to achieve a peaceful mind. It is regardless of any religion that the temple welcomes people from all walks of life. What is unique about this temple is that you will find no idols or depiction of religious figures; it is a place that speaks volumes about spirituality and God.

2. The Spiritually Significant Stupa


The massive Stupa is situated at Sanchi. Known to be one of the oldest structures of stone dates back to 3rd BCE. The historical significance of this structure is due to the fact that it shelters the relics of Buddha. The parasol like structure is symbolic of honouring the relics. It is a well known ancient place of meditation and achieving inner peace. It is significant till date as the structure is said to have survived many dynasties and structural changes. You will love it for its architectural style, the double staircase leading to upper storey, carved statues that depict the immaculate artistry of the time of Emperor Ashoka who commissioned it and his wife Devi who supervised the entire work personally.

3. Fascinating Victorian Architecture of Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus


Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus is a massive structure that cannot be missed. To call it a historic railway station would be undermining its beauty that is something to marvel at as there is more to it. It reminds one of the imperial times and the blend of Victorian architectural style with the colonial era is something to look at. This structure was built in the year 1887 to mark the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria. In 17th century the terminus was named after the great king Chhatrapati Shivaji. It is said to connect 591 stations and with 154 trains passing through it daily.

4. The Multi-Cultural Golconda Fort


Golconda Fort is situated in Hyderabad and the name means Shepherd’s hills. It is a massive structure is spread across 7 kilometres that comprise of mosques, palaces and ruins of the structure that is almost a walled city. The height of this structure is 130 meters high that was purposely built to secure it from invasions. The architectural style and design is something to marvel, the massive structure is what catches the eye of the onlooker.

5. Grandeur of Rajasthani Architecture in Hawa Mahal


One of the most famous structures of historical significance in Jaipur is Hawa Mahal or the palace of winds. It contains 953 small windows and is made of red sandstone. It is an extension to the zanan khana or the women’s chambers, the lattice work is what enabled them to observe the outside world while living in seclusion.

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