Experience India’s Culinary Heritage with An Old Delhi Food Tour

Did you know that Delhi is the home to Asia’s largest spice market?

Or, that every state in this country has an extensive range of its own famous food items so delicious and varying in flavors that you just can’t resist them?

From Kashmir’s Gustaba, Rajasthan’s Daal-Baati, Maharasthra’sSrikhand, to Orissa’s fish, Kerela’sPayasam, and Hyderabad’s Biryani- India is a foodie’s yummiest dream delivered on a colorful plate.

And then there’s Delhi!

Delhi has an excellent variety of street food, local cuisine,and that from different states,fusion food Indian or international, diverse dining settings, & countless eateries. Often called the “Food Heaven of India”, the capital entices you with a heady concoction of delicious smells and delivers culinary secrets that make your cravings go berserk.

Well, foodies or not, everyone deserves to experience a similar rupture of joy from within. To assist that voyage, here is a little Old Delhi food tour wrapped in words for you.

On a Food Tour in Delhi- What to Eat and Where From

Let the professionals lead you through the streets of the city’s oldest joints.

1. The Tangy Zone: DahiBhalla, Chat, and Pani-Puri


Tangy-salty spices, pepper sprinkles, red curry mixture &yogurt- gear up to taste the wildest concoctions that these otherwise tame ingredients create when put together.

The 78-years-old NatrajDahiBhalla shop standing close to the ChandniChowk metro station, DaulatkiChaat on NaiSadak, LotanCholeWala in Chawri Bazaar with their green chillies, red hot curry, and potato-chickpea ensemble, and the seemingly endless number of restaurants nearby who sell almost equally delicious yet recreated versions of the popular dishes, spread around Dariyaganj, Dariba, etc.- These are the places you must check out if you seek a spicy tang-rush for your tastebuds.

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2. For Your Sweet Tooth: Sohan Halwa, Khurchan, and Kulfi


Sweets are always appreciated right after a masala-binge session.

Old Delhi, however, is not the place for ice-creams and muffins. Your attention should be aptly fixed on savory Indian delicacies like Sohan Halwa, Motichoorladdoo, Pista samosa, Khurchanwhich is a sticky sweet prepared with boiled milk, sugar, and pistachios, NagoriHalwa, and Kulfis.

Expert advice- a food tour in Delhi isn’t over until you’ve tasted Jalebis, the juicy deep-fried spiral swirls dipped in sugar syrup and reeking of desi ghee.

When it comes to sweet street food, famous locations in Old Delhi include the JalebiWala in DaribaKalan Road of ChandniChowk, Shiv MisthanBhandar in KuchaGhasi Ram, HazariLalJain Khurchan Wale in KinariBaazar, and Ghantewala-the 200 years old shop in Katra Shah N Shah.

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3. A Special Range for the Non-vegetarians: Kebab, Tandoori, and Tikka


A unique fact about the best non-veg food in ChandniChowk is that there isn’t just a single spot you can be pointed to.

Old Delhi street food, especially the non-veg category, boasts of gems like Karim’s, Al Jawahar, UstadMoinuddin, Aslam, Al Yousuf, Qureshi, etc.- All these are swarmed for their signature delicacies.

Mutton Tikka, Firdausi Korma, GurdaKaleji, Chicken Changezi, Dum Ghost Biryani, and the legendary Delhi’s ChandniChowk food king, i.e. Butter Chicken- these represent more than a chef’s proudest moments. They’ll remind you of the true essence of Mughlai-Indian heritage.

When Craving Old Delhi Food, Tour as the Delhites Do

Hullabaloo in the lanes, an overwhelming variety of food and people, and a sense of organized chaos- that’s Old Delhi for you. Everything you consume under this sky holds a message, a recipe, a note passed down from generations and yet surviving in all originality to reward you with a scrumptious day out.

Enjoy it to the fullest!

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