Explore India’s most haunted Bhangarh Fort

Who isn’t a sucker for a good scary story and that too when it has a royal context and an unfulfilled love story as an underlying motive? We come across many haunted stories now and then in our everyday social communication that have raised our goosebumps, that spine-chilling affect after hearing an eerie encounter from a colleague, a friend or a relative. And that spooky feeling that lingers on throughout the day is the best take home experience when you immerse into a haunted saga.

Bhangarh Fort is a cradle of many such haunted stories that will keep you stirred as the destination combines horror, travel and royal premise which is unlike any. The much famed haunted Bhangarh Fort is also referred as “Bhoot Bangla” or “The house of ghosts”. This remnants of a 500 year old fort complex is in Alwar in Rajasthan adjacent to the Sariska Tiger Reserve. Once a thriving Rajput fort town, the spectacular citadel resident was strike by a series of tragedies that made it not only a deserted town but also one of the most haunted spots in India. What further fan the flames of its notoriety is the official validation of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) that has a sign board that clearly forbids tourists and locals from visiting the Fort after dusk.

Let’s find out what exactly has been curdling our blood and why even after rounds of rumors the globetrotters visit this so called infamous yet alluring Bhangarh Fort. Is it because of the prevailing rumors? Or its eerie ambience emanating from its ruins or the caution address from the locals and officials? Here’s opening the gates to mysterious Bhangarh Fort for you, which might be on your next bucket list!

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Cursed fate?

There are two stories that make simultaneous rounds each claiming its catastrophic fate. The favorite one is of course the unrequited love of a black magician for the beautiful princess Ratnavati. In one tryst when the princess sniffed the trickery out of the magician, she instantly crushed him and before he could take the last breathe, he cursed the fort and its residents of eternal gloom. The other story revolves around the builder of the fort, Madho Singh who was alerted by an ascetic who lived nearby that the fort’s shadow shouldn’t fall upon his home. But when the king heightened the wall of the citadel, the enraged ascetic cursed the king that his lineage will be wiped out completely in a short span of time. To your eerie delight the locals still believe in these rumors and will even share stories of encountering the ghost princess roaming in the remnants of this fort.

Famous spooky stories

If you have been reading and hearing the mishaps in Bhangarh Fort then yes, you are as right as you are wrong! But indeed there are popular rumors that have taken place in connection with this haunted spot in Rajasthan. There’s this story when three daring friends decided to stay back at the fort premises even there’s a caution that no human being should stay put after the dusk. What happened was that one of the three fell in a well but though rescued by the other two, all three were crushed in an accident while driving to the nearest hospital! Another spine-chilling encounter happened to a group of friends who saw a lone small boy in a room that didn’t have a door and one window shut by grills. So such spooky detailed stories are waiting for travelers who have a penchant for eerie stories.


The Bhangarh fort was modelled according to the Shahjahanabad in Old Delhi. You will see four wooden gates in four directions. The fort complex is speckled with many temples and grasslands and wilderness. You will see villagers with their cattle grazing on the grasslands. They might have interesting haunted stories just for your ears!

As I have rightly your knack for destinations that have a mysterious context, an unsolved fable or overall heavy spooky feel to its ambience then look no further than India’s daringly haunting Bhangarh Fort. Select Vue India Tours, the best inbound travel agency in India that excels in providing experiential holidays to its customers. We have other haunted destinations to keep you alert and awake in this vast mysterious land and as a trusted ground operator, Vue India Tours is your perfect travel company, extracting the best of experiences only for you!!

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