Indian Wildlife Tours- 7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Ranthambore National Park

“These experiences, of life in the wilderness, they let you realise the power of wildness intimately & at the same time, help you recognise the right of that wildness to continue to thrive, to flourish, to be!”

Paul Greenberg

How would you comprehend an Indian Wildlife Tour Adventure?

The growing interest in exploring nature’s elements has led us to a junction where a passive tour around a seemingly natural niche no longer feeds the curiosity burning inside of us. We crave more intimacy, demand a better understanding, expect an intricate direction into what the animal kingdom feels, likes, & thinks. All the while, we want to protect the endangered & somehow contribute to the noble cause.

That’s why, when you are about to set out on something as possibly life-changing as a wildlife trip, it is necessary to realise what you expect out of the ordeal. If it is unique perspectives that you seek, Ranthambore National Park Tour is the place to be in India.

Here’re the best reasons why!


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1. The Perfect Getaway for Spotting Life in Wilderness


Ranthambore has a distinct flair to it.

Take a tour, and you’ll find that the Tigers are relaxed. The peacocks, deer, & antelopes excitedly wander about. The leopards & bears keep to themselves, refusing to be perturbed off their schedule by anything.

This wild refuge has managed to establish a sense of natural order & peace between what clearly constitutes the animal life inside the forest and the incoming human visitors. A good bunch of credit goes to the park management for not only keeping the poachers away but ensuring that your visitation schedule does not affect the animals negatively.

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2. Off the Beaten Path- the Marvelous Ranthambore Hike Trail


From the trailhead, which begins at the entrance of the Ranthambore Fort, commences a journey on semi-steep stone pathways, into the heart of Ranthambore’s heritage. It ends at the dilapidated yet striking remainders of the grand structure, parts of which have now been claimed by the forest & its residents.

But, it is the trail that takes your breath away!

From exquisite shambles of Hammir Fort, Hammir Garden, Jogi Mahal, & Raj Bagh ruins to active temples like Raghunath temple complex & Trinetra Temple, the ramshackle remnants of a once-prosperous region desperately jumps to conscience in their company. Not to mention, monkeys hanging out on the towers, snakes rummaging in muddy ponds, & leopards strolling mindlessly about, make the whole affair a grand, surreal extravaganza.


3. Into the Kachida Valley & the Land of Ranthambore’s Panthers


On the outskirts of Ranthambore National Park lies a marvel of nature filled with craggy hills & covered with thick, verdant green, hiding its secrets under the lush carpet of verdure.

A Jeep Safari is the best mode to explore Kachida Valley. In addition to its intriguing, diverse landscape, mesmerising lushness & thriving plant life, the Valley will greet you with the sight of Panthers, who mostly avoid the tiger infested regions of Ranthambore Park, as well as that of bears, deer, and wild boars.

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4. Camping in the Wilds


Ranthambore National Park was once the abode of Jaipur’s Royals on their hunting trips. As a humble memoir to the royal side of this practice, you too can choose to camp in luxury amidst nature’s wonders.

In the form of a unique twist to this Indian Jungle Safari Tour, you can stay in tent-resorts. These snug settlements make for a readily agreeable setting to spend your time at Ranthambore in luxury. Equipped with every facility suitable for a comfortable stay, these camps take you closer to the raw, genuine taste of proximity with the wild.


5. A Ride across the Ranthambore Skies


Get carried away, literally this time, in a Hot Air Balloon over the Ranthambore landscape.

Exploring the forests, trailing the Tigers, hiking to the fort, are all incredible adventures that justify Ranthambore as one of the best wildlife tours in India. No doubt there! But, what makes it even more spectacular is the added feature of gliding in the sky as a bird’s eye view of the region materialises in front of you, getting better as you climb higher.

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6. The Lakelets of Ranthambore National Park


The water sources in any forest areas can be significant spots when you are trying to catch a glimpse of a specific animal. Keeping that in mind, all three of Ranthambore’s lakelets, i.e. the Padma Pond, Malik Pond, and Raj Bagh Pond are strategic vantage points.

Malik Pond is the smallest & perfect for bird watching. Raj Bagh Pond is the most picturesque while Padma Pond is the largest. The latter two are bright tiger spotting points, especially Padma Pond as its shallow waters make an appropriate ground for the Tigers to operate.


7. Luxury & Comfort All the Way


A Ranthambore National Park Tour typically has 10 zones, i.e. routes, of which five are long and five quick. You will have the choice between a 20+ seater Canter of a five-seater Gypsy. You will be allowed inside the park in the morning or the afternoon only. Plus, you will be encouraged to share with your guide your expectations for the Safari, following which he can plan a route where you are very likely to spot your most anticipated sights.

Ergo, the experience of Ranthambore National Park Tour has been entirely planned to keep your comfort and safety before other things, thus ensuring that you have a great time exploring the wildlife.

Come, Seek the Mysteries of Nature in Ranthambore National Park

Watching the beasts roaming in the wild explains a great deal about human behaviour too. If only you listen!

Reach into the soul of nature’s marvels on Ranthambore National Park Tour. With the extraordinarily exciting combination of exploring the forests on land and in the skies, with remnants of Ranthambore’s heritage entangled in its untamed, uninhabited expanse of feral growth, discover the facets of Ranthambore National Park in boisterous spirits.

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