Living on a Houseboat in Kerala- 4 Tips to Make Your Visit More Pleasant

In Kerala, a modest land of lagoons and rivers, all you see is pristine and lush; all you witness is heavenly.

If you set about to find out why Kerala is often called ‘God’s Own Country,’ the chances are excellent that you will end this pursuit with a plethora of answers.

Rightfully so!

Kerala is a gateway to nature’s purest corner, one that binds you with its spells, keeps your heart and soul forever. It’s entirely likely that you’ll lose yourself in the serenity of the surroundings as you stand on the Shikara (houseboats in Kerala) and look in the distance at the setting sun, converging waterways, and regular whereabouts of a state dipped in amiable charm.


Explore Kerala’s Backwaters and Indulge in Their Astonishing Adventures


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Visiting Kerala in Houseboats Equals an Ethereal Experience

“The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express.” – P.C. Cast

A Houseboat tour in Kerala is the quintessential way to revel in the glorious magic of the backwaters. In the stillness of the water that’s governed by a gossamer grace, the subtle thread of your spirit expands with peace as much as it contracts within itself with bliss.

Living for a few days in a houseboat in Kerala is a unique experience to have.

We want to make it even more exciting for you. That’s why we insist; you must not miss out on these experiences.

1. Explore the Multiple Exquisite Backwater Locations in a Houseboat


In Kerala, you’ll find quite a few water cruising routes. Alleppey, Kuttanad, Kumarakom, Kasargod, Cherai Island, Cochin, Kollam, and other equally prominent backwater tracks can be paired up differently to create a well-planned backwater tour itinerary with gorgeous stops.

On the Alleppey-Kuttanad backwaters, you’ll observe a variety of village life and farming scattered across an extensive network of narrow water bodies. The region is also famous for a farming technique to grow crops below the sea level. In the harvest season, you’ll catch rows of farmer’s boats aligned in a thread carrying the produce to the markets on these waters, i.e., a true recollection of countryside living.

On the Kumarakom route, the canals are wider, and their banks are riddled with luxury resorts. On a cruise between Alleppey and Kumarakom, you’ll get more nature shots and cross a greater expanse of Kerala’s backwaters. Kollam, the southern entry into Kerala’s stunning backwaters, is riddled with several lakes including the largest Ashtamudi Lake and the Paravur Lake. If you are taking a houseboat tour in Kerala and expect to find yourself anywhere in Kollam, you will be welcomed by white-sand beaches and lush waterway lined with coconut and palm trees.


2. Enjoy the Equivalent of a Private Hotel Floating on the Water


In Kerala, houseboats offer a wonderful escapade into the wild. These luxurious Shikaras are equipped with bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, lounge, sun deck, terrace decks. They are AC-equipped, with a television, mosquito nets, cold and hot water, and other electric facilities.

Some houseboats also offer recreational equipment, like fishing rods, music, and terrace lounges, perfect for sightseeing while relaxing.

The crew accompanying these houseboat tours in Kerala is most likely to include a captain, a cook, two oarsmen, and a boat-boy as well to ensure a comfortable journey for you.

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3. Row and Paddle across the Streams in a Canoe


In Kerala, the interconnected waterways, inlets, lakes, and rivers cover over 900 kilometers. They are a combination of lagoons, brackish canals, lakes, and such distinct water bodies where some streams run wide while others are quite narrow in places.

The best way to traverse all those backwater sections is by getting down from your houseboat and stepping on a canoe.

Protected from the rain showers and sun by a canopy, this small & lightweight vessel can take you to the very extremes of the converged streams, letting you in on the local life in an unimaginably natural manner. Plus, you can paddle or row the boat as well!


4. Don’t Just Tour over the Backwaters; Relish the Moment of Peaceful Stillness with Some Unique Activities on the Houseboat


In Kerala, the enticing picturesque waters can charm you to a point where you’ll be content sitting in the houseboat lounge, taking in the marvel of natural forces that lie in front of you.

But, you can multiply that peace and tranquility by adding some eccentric entries to your to-do list.

Take a trip on the canals

These wide waterbodies lined on both sides with lush vegetation and forests are interlinked across the backwaters. Cruising through the channels, you’ll find several scenic spots in your way.

Halt on the water

Request your houseboat captain to keep the vessel floating in the middle of a lake or a canal. The surreal and relaxing experience will leave you in awe.

Eat a fresh catch

Most houseboats in Kerala offer this service. Your boat crew will catch and prepare seafood on the boat. If you don’t find this specified in any itinerary, raise a query, for this is an experience that must not be missed.

Stop for the Local Alcoholic Toddy

The local drinking holes, also called toddy shops, are small iron huts where you can get the freshly made coconut hooch with a varying percentage of alcohol in the mix. Make a pitstop across a shore and enjoy a few hours in the simplicity of village life.

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On a Houseboat Tour in Kerala? Make Your Adventure More Exhilarating

As per popular belief, Kerala has its most agreeable weather between December and January. It’s cold and dry and the perfect time to lounge about in a floating vessel. For tourists, a popular tour combination is pairing up a houseboat tour in Kerala with Ayurveda sessions, devoting the remaining time to witness the magic created by the sunrays falling on the houseboat roof, dancing with the surface of the water and mingling with the verdant surroundings.

Happy Houseboating to you!

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