Must to-do things in India for Foreign Visitors

Visiting India will captivate you like no other country. The varying range of taste, flavor, culture and history will sedate you like no other destination. Traveling to India is blood-rushing thrill and occasionally you may rub shoulders with frustration because of mismatch in expectation. In this exclusive guide, we give the list of reasons why these places or activities should be in your India Tour Packages.

More often than not, the euphoria outweighs the bits of pinches you get along the way. After all, there is no rose without the thorn, and this piece will tell you about all the little-known facts about India that makes it a blissful experience. Here are the top 7 items that should be in your must to-do things in India for foreign visitors:

1) Tingle your taste-buds with sizzling 100% Indian cuisine – The foodie hidden within you will come to life at the first sight of mouth-watering cuisines that India has to offer. Biryani, an aromatic rice dish cooked in an appetizing blend of spices along with marinated chicken will activate the most dormant region of your tongue. Make sure you have a mouthful of customary curry, tangy pani puri and Indian version of Pretzel called Jalebi.

2) Stay at your dream palace, live like Queen (King) – Retreat in royalty by sojourning in palaces that re-defines the idea of rejuvenation from ground up. Experience the tranquilizing vibe by nestling into the lap of luxury in ‘Taj Lake Palace’ or ‘Oberoi Udaivillas’ in Udaipur to pamper yourself and massage the pain out of your body. Indulgence this royal, this premium and this refreshing should be forbidden. It’s a perfect setting where as a couple you can bond under a dark-sky filled with shimmering stars.

3) Taj Mahal, Fall in love all over again – This pristine monument is carved from the famed white Makrana marble is a prime symbolism of devotion of love. It is truly an unforgettable experience to witness the unrivaled craftsmanship that this celestial memorial beholds. Taj Mahal is synonymous to Indian culture and reflects unmatched love emperor Shah Jahan had for his beloved wife Mumtaj.

4) Adventure water-sports in Andaman – Feel the adrenaline surge by surfing on sparkling blue untouched sea of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Andaman is the home to the some of the world’s virgin beaches such as Havelock beach, Laxmanpur Beach and Elephant Beach. The vast stretches of white shores here are best-suited for a family get-together or for aquatic sports or even solo-travelers.

5) The Himalayan diaries – The highest mountain peak Mt. Everest is stands between Nepal and China, however the vistas of the cluster of snow-clad mountains that falls within the Indian borders will pacify your eyes and satiate your wanderlust. You’ll be spellbound by the nature’s enigmatic panorama and some of most daring opportunities to trek.

6) Immerse in the bittersweet chaos of Delhi – The capital of India, is also the capital of chaos and adventure. You’ll find yourself catapulted into a cacophony of religious sermons, bustle of fast-moving traffic and a glimpse of the urbane lifestyle in the lattices of a city that has been conquered, plundered, adored by rulers, poets and artists.

7) Go in circles of the Golden Triangle– If this is your first visit to India, start with the golden triangle to behold India’s glorious heritage. From architectural artistry to some of world’s most loved cuisine to spectacular festivities experience the most popular destination in India.

When you embark on a journey to India, you’ve tons of activities, monuments, and places to experience. Make sure you pack all of these in your must to-do things in India. Sit back and enjoy a customized holiday when you take the services of Vue India, the best inbound agency in India.

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