Plan a Holiday in India During Holi Festival

Holi Aayi Re Kanhai, Holi Aayi Re
(The Holi festival is here, Lord Krishna)
Rang Chhalke
(Colors are overflowing everywhere)
Suna De Zara Baansuri
(Play a sweet tune on Your flute)
Barse Gulaal Rang More Aanganwa
(The colours are showering in my courtyard)
Apne Hi Rang Mein Rang De Mohe Sajanwa
(Color me in Your colors, O my beloved)

Holi – does it need any introduction? Close your eyes and imagine India, in all its vibrancy, vigor and and pulsating cultural festivities, and you will find yourself in a cloud of Technicolor, drenched with colored water sprayed on you by enthusiastic group of local children. Holi if not the main Hindu festival is of course the most popular one in this sub-continent. After a spell of harsh winter, when spring comes swaying into the Indian cornfields, tropical forests and desert dunes, millions of people welcome the beginning of Spring, fertility, love and triumph of good over evil by letting loose their guard, celebrating the good times with natural colors, flower petals, color powders and water. As quirky and raucous Holi may sound, the ecstasy this festival has on people is simply irresistible. From having a religious plot of Lord Krishna to fun activities where people unite forgetting caste and creed and ending by devouring special sweets and desserts this colorful carnival has inspired movies, music, poets, artists and popular culture.

Holi in India

When is Holi? Holi usually takes place anywhere between late February and late March according the Gregorian calendar. This year it’s on 2nd March which is Friday, so it’s going to be a long and colorful weekend in Indian subcontinent. So, plan your Holi holidays smartly with Vue India Tours, the best incoming agency that offers perfectly customized and experiential holiday plan as per your requirements and desires.

Trust me when I say it is the most beloved Indian festival of the foreigners. It’s unique, spectacular, colorful so obviously a gala time for photographers and it’s totally legitimate if you let your hair down after drinking Bhaang ( a sweet intoxicated drink made of cannabis, yogurt, spices, rose petals etc). Let’s take you to the must-visit Holi hotspots where you can equally participate and capture the cacophony in your family.


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1. Barsana – Playing it with sticks- The women of Barsana chase and beat the men of Barsana with sticks while the later tries to shield away. It’s a fun event that happens couple of days prior to the actual Holi celebration.

2. Mathura-Vrindavan – the colors of spirituality- The entire temple premises, locality, streets and courtyards of these holy towns where Lord Krishna was born and played his Leela are color drenched. Be mesmerized at the unison chant of thousands of devotees who get a rare opportunity to play Holi with their Lord. Besides this, Holi with flowers, widows playing holy are also other highlights in these town.

3. Shanti Niketan – the colors of culture – Founded by the Noble Laureate and poet Rabindra Nath Tagore, Shanti Niketan in West Bengal celebrates Holi is its own distinct way. The students, participants and enthusiasts wear yellow clothes and decks up with floral embellishment while rejoicing to happy and wishful music that greets the Spring time.

Vueindia Holi

4. Mumbai- Holi with slum children – a unique humane initiative by the people of Mumbai where you can play colors with the slum community children. Feel the immense joy that you receive while sipping the colors of life at a shantiest place you could ever imagine. The beautiful thing about this initiative is that 80% of the fund goes back to the slum community.

Select your Holi Holidays with none other than Vue India Tours, the best destination management company in India. Experience India like you have never before, this time when its hinterlands and tropical terrains are steeped in the colors of harmony. Explore the different shades of Holy, from the happening North India to the cultural East to a more subdued South, all crafted according to your preferences.

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