Rejoice the summers with the best holiday destinations in India

Let’s say bye to winters and make way for summers to settle in. April is the first month of summer in India. The flowers blossom and drop a petal or two celebrating the arrival of a new season.

Is India enjoyable during summers? A question that stops visitors in their track and puts them in a state of dilemma. You’ll find more reasons to take a holiday tour in India this April than you’ve imagined. As you read about the sensational experience of state has to offer, you’ll surely know why thousands from around the globe ask us to personally draw their itinerary for April holiday tour in India.

Let us tell about the places that make for a remarkable travel holidays to India

1) The surreal landscapes of Kashmir – Commonly referred as Paradise on Earth, Kashmir is brimming with breathtaking mountains, placid frosty lakes and richly adorned valleys. It is often considered and will continue to be the top choice for tourist because of its euphoric chilly atmosphere. Expect a welcoming temperature range between 14 to 21 degree Celsius. Vue India Tours, the best destination management company in India, crafts a personalized location-specialty itinerary that should include Shikara boat ride, Trekking, Mountain biking or skiing.

2) Miraculous snow-falls in Auli – If your adventurous spirit needs a spark but within the bounds of safety, Auli will make you weep in joy. One of the biggest highlights of Auli is the Himalayan Ski Circuit that will test your mettle and kick up your adrenaline. To add to your delight, Auli is best visited in April because of slightly cold weather that beautifully masks the summer heat in April. It typically ranges between 7-17 degrees. It includes exciting trekking sessions that last upto 24 hours and due to its offbeat summer appeal Auli is one of most visited spot in April.

3) Delightful drizzle of Dalhousie – No places to visit in India in April is complete unless Dalhousie forms a part of your itinerary. You’ll be astounded by pristine snow-clad mountains on all sides. The cool weather of Dalhousie rings even in April to keep you chill despite the predominant climate of the country. You will feel ecstatic as the temp ranges between 17 to 25 degree celsius, which is adequately joyous.

4) Magnificent Manali – Traveling to Manali in April feels like visiting India during the winters. Located at the ranges between Himalayas, perennial cold weathers are expected throughout the year. In April, you’ll experience mild comforting breeze at temp range between 10 to 25 degree Celsius.

5) Mesmerizing vistas of Mussoorie – Officially titled as the Queens of hill, Mussoorie is a blissful abode between a throng of hills. Although rarely experienced, a snowfall can amp up the excitement. Located in Uttarakhand, Mussorie is close to Dehradun, which is yet another tourist spot. The temperature hovers around 10 to 25 degree Celsius. Make sure you take a tour of LalTibba, Company Garden, Iconic Kempty falls, Gun Hill and Jwalaji Temple.

Don’t assume summer heat will make for troublesome holidays in India. It’s a widely spread misconception. The caveat is that you should visit ecstatic places and avoid places packed with people. Vue India Tours, the award-winning destination management company in Delhi has perfected the craft of bespoke travel itinerary. Depending on your choices and the attractions of the target destination, we make sure you get best of both the worlds.

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