Show Up for International Tulip Festival

What makes Kashmir a paradise on earth? Do you know of the sensational varieties of tulip that grows here?

“Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.” As quoted by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Ralph must have experienced the mesmerizing allure of nature before he said this. One such event that will offer a whiff of punch to your senses is the Grand Tulip Festival held in Kashmir. Let’s find out what attract millions of visitors each year to the land of unmatched beauty and rich culture.

Every year the people of Kashmir celebrate a one-of-kind tulip festival. It is a testimony of the miraculous soil that blesses the city with unparalleled beauty. Little is known about the spectacular ‘tulip flower’ that sprouts in this land. In my stay at Kashmir, after probing into the myths and origin of this garden variety, what I learnt was unbelievable.


Many natives spoke at length about the festival and how it started. “There once was a flower that wondered around the world, but was unable to find itself a home. The flower bulb wandered about in Persia, China and Turkey to eventually land into the most advantageous soil to help the flower bloom.” The stories are what keep the spirit of celebration alive. You’ll know what’s like to live like a local and have unqiue experiences when you take the services of Vue India Tours, the best incoming agency in India.

Here’s why you cannot afford to miss the Tulip festival?

Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip garden is located in the slopes of Zabarwan range that overlooks the Dal Lake. This garden has given birth to world’s most eye-popping flower variety. You cannot pass the opportunity to visually feast on the rail of colorful flowers that is hypnotically fascinating.

Whether you’re a flower lover or nature enthusiast, the countless variety of Tulip flower will set your heart-racing. Amongst many others, here are few members of tulip family that you can meet at the annual tulip festival. Standard tulips, Double bloom, Parrot Tulips, Fringed Tulips, Bi-Color Standard Tulips, Rembrandt, Fosteriana Tulip and a dozen more.

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This variety is cultured in a breathtakingly carved seven even slopes. Amongst the world’s seventeen participating countries, Kashmir Tulip Festival was ranked second as per world tulip summit. You’ll be met with local handicraft stalls that put on display handiwork and craftsmanship of natives. To makes the visit memorable, every year there are provincial Kashmiri artist who serenade under open sky.

When and how to get there? Faster with a tailor-made experience!

In order to experience the beauty of fully blossomed Tulip, it’s best that you take the trip between March and April. Although the climate is perennially cool, it’s best to pack warm clothes to blissfully soak into the pleasures of the city. On rare occasion, there are unseasonal rainfalls, which never occurred since 2014. However that does not in the least affect joy of celebration. To make your trip an unforgettable experience, select Vue India Tours, the best destination management company in India.

You can get there by Air from either Delhi or Mumbai. Connectivity exists between other metropolitan states like Chennai and Bangalore as well. If you wish to immerse yourself in the shoes of a local traveler, don’t miss the ecstatic road trip either from Delhi or Chandigarh which stretches to over 800kms of exhilarating adventure. Thirdly, you can hit the rail which leads you Jammu, only a few hours distance from Kashmir.

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