The Perfect Packing List for Your First Solo Trip in India

“The inner journey of travel is intensified by solitude”
Paul Theroux

A solo trip to India, a country known for its diversity in geographical, linguistic, religious, & social-cultural features, is an adventure, a challenge, an opportunity to explore newer horizons and to discover yourself. Here, every day promises something new!!

Seasons, moods, landscapes, languages, food, transport- India presents you with a new face of otherwise mundane life. But at the same time, it’s important to make sure you have everything you need so that you can enjoy properly when you travel alone in India.

We have curated the perfect packing list for solo travellers .


First, Figure Out What Travel Destinations In India You’ll Be Visiting

Depending on whether you’re going to a Himalayas, deserts, beaches, city, or forests, your requirements will change. While you can pack light for the beaches in Goa or the back waters of Kerala or Rajsthan, you’ll need warm clothes & jackets if you intend to go trekking in colder regions. Visit to the religious sites requires conservative dressing

Pack wisely, as you cannot pack in everything because a luggage overflow is exactly what we are trying to avoid. But once you decide your destination, it gets easier.

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A Packing Checklist for Solo Trips In India
1. Travel Camera

India is picturesque ,from the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas to the serene backwaters of Kerala, the gorgeous cave carvings to centuries-old palaces and battle-forts .With adventures like trekking in the Himalayas towalking on a frozen lake in Ladakh, observing the ancient Indian martial arts practice of Kalaripayattu, or celebrating festivals like Holi, Diwali, and Onam with the local families- this country has a volley of unique experiences that you can capture to create memories of a life time.


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2. International Sim

Buying an International SimCard has its benefits…You stay connected .You get free incoming calls everywhere& you only pay for the data, text, and calls you make. They work with multiple devices, so you can use them with your laptop or tablet ..


3. Wicking T-shirts / Light-Down Jackets

Depending on which part of India you are in, temperatures can easily vary from blazing hot to warm to pleasant & being extremely cold While each of those places has something unique to offer, you should be ready to explore them in comfort.

Wicking T-shirts will keep you feeling good in hot Indian cities while the Jackets will save you from most cold places.

4. Comfortable Shoes

As a general rule, whatever footwear you choose to wear while traveling has to be comfortable & durable. That’s especially important to follow in India because this beautiful country has marvels that can only be truly experienced and understood when you explore them on foot, much like the gorgeous & massive forts & palaces of Rajasthan, the bustling street markets of Delhi, ancient churches and secluded beaches of Goa, among other places.


5. Dry Gear Bag

Dry gear bags are great for storing important things, like cameras, lenses, electronics, chargers, money, etc. when you are out for the day. They keep your stuff safe from the water and sand, so also good for visiting beaches, water sports, or photo sessions. The best part- the dry bags will come in especially handy if you are visiting India during the Holi festival.


6. Earplugs

The dynamic lifestyles, festivities and hustle and bustle of India will keep you on your toes, presenting you with one surprising experience after another. However amidst all this you may want a moment to yourself so its advised that you carry one to facilitate some quiet-time for you.

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Be Sure to Bring the Necessary Things & Make Some Space for Souvenirs

home that would work as good memorabilia. From the blue pottery to miniature paintings of Rajasthan to traditional string puppets, handcrafted boxes with inlay patterns, enamel paintwork, trendy silver jewelry, sandalwood incense, Mysore silk, Indian Tea and spices – the list seems never-ending

So, just pack the essentials and save some space for all the remarkable stuff you can take from this country.

Have a great trip! If you have any doubts regarding Packing tips for traveling in India, let us know in the comments box.

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