Top 7 Restaurants in India to Dive in the deliciousness and diversity

If you are die-hard food lovers, then you must go through this article for finding out the best food destination in India. There is always a dilemma amongst every foodie that which restaurant they should choose. Whether they should go with a brand name or they should stick to the roadside food vendors. As a matter of fact for some people only good food does not pass all the parameters. Some people consider sanitation, ambience and hospitality on the top. So you must read this article thoroughly to find the best dining restaurants of India.

  1. Khyber, Mumbai 

best restaurant of india

if you are a Afghani cuisine lover then this place is a must try for you. Along with it the food is influenced by the charm of the North-West frontier. This restaurant is located in Malad in South Mumbai and one of the most awarded restaurants of India.

  1. Indian Accent, New Delhi

best restaurant in delhi

Indian Accent, a delightful experience for every Indian as well as for all the tourists who visit New Delhi. They have set a benchmark in presenting quality and class to their customers. Unarguably it is one of the best restaurants in India. You can never stop coming back to this place again and again. The dishes here have a perfect blend of different combination of spices. At Indian Accent you can taste the variety of religion delicacies.

  1. Peshawari, Mumbai

best restaurant in mumbai

Another famous restaurant of Mumbai is Peshawari. The main attraction of this place is its decoration and ambience. For instance the menu at Peshawari is printed on wooden blocks; the utensils here are made up of soil and Chinese clay. It will give you an essence of ethnicity and royalty. Peshawari popularly is also known as Mumbai Bukhara.

  1. Villa Maya, Trivandrum

best restaurants in Trivandrum

It is made up in Dutch mansion, which was constructed in the 18th It feels like you are walking in the world of Ethiopia. It is a living example of timeless memories and treasure. It is a perfect combination of fine dining and picturesque memories. The food is made in such a way that it brings back the memories and pays a deep homage to countries which were involved spice trading with Kerala like Italy and Morocco.

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  1. Agashiye, Ahmedabad

best restaurant in ahmedabad

It is constructed in a posch haveli popularly “The House of MG”. If you want to stay in haveli, then you can visit this place. There indoor seating, is also available if you are not comfortable with sitting in the indoor area, then you can choose the terrace and experience of Gujarati. The food is authentic and tasty.

  1. Gulati, New Delhi

best restaurant in new delhi

If you want to taste the delicious North India. Then Gulati is the perfect place for those who want to have the best food of their life. The food provided here is so delicious and appetizing that you cannot yourself from eating.

  1. Pinch of Spice, Agra

best restaurant in agra

Although Taj Mahal is among the Seven Wonders of the World. However, there is another attraction which you must not miss. It is the name of excellence all the dishes available here are very delicious and iconic. These dishes will make you feel the variation of North Indian cuisines.

As a conclusion, we can say that we know that you simply adore having delicious food, so here we have created the list of the best restaurants to visit. So, that you exactly know which place to visit while you are hungry. These places not only provide good taste but also great ambience so that you wish to visit it again and again. We hope that our information regarding the top restaurants in India was helpful for you.

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