Travelling Solo to India- Here’s Why You Should Choose Kerala

“If we were supposed to stay in one place & never wander away, we’d have roots then and not feet.”

Rachel Wolchin

Kerala is often called God’s Own Country. Do you know where that comes from?

Indian Author Arundhati Roy’s first and grossly popular book, The God of Small Things, has a chapter called ‘God’s own country’, devoted to verbal praises of Kerala’s beauty. And yet, the 1997 Booker Prize Winner is only one in a long list of sources preceding it that have called Kerala the country closest to God, the place most adorned by the marvels of nature, the best kind of delight to human eyes.

When it comes to tourism, Kerala is preferred by most solo travellers who wish to embark on a trip to India. The quaint state is a peaceful myriad of friendly & accepting locals. Its aura is safe, its people welcoming.

Travellers tend to lose their woes amidst the enchanting breeze, captivating morning mist, warmth of the bright rising sun, chirping morning bells, & other subtle wonders that seem lost in most urbane settings. In Kerala, there is an excellent variety of places to explore, even if you are visiting by yourself. Especially if you are by yourself!

Allow us to acquaint you with the best of those.


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1. Remarkable Backwater Destinations in Kerala


Can you imagine relaxing in a lovely hotel with deluxe services among the serenity of nature, except not on the land?

Whatever you just envisioned is exactly what it feels like as you cruise on the steady waves of Kerala’s backwater in a languor fashion upon a traditional houseboat.

It is an experience unlike any other!

Believe it or not, the Kerala backwaters extend to virtually half of the entire length of the state. The best places to experience their leisure are Alleppey, Kumarakom, Kollam, Kochi, and Kottayam.

On your journey upon those waters, you’ll encounter beautiful sunsets and sunrises. You’ll sail past duck farms with bundles of quacking joys. You’ll get a glimpse of village life unfolding on the palm-fringed banks. Combine that with a delightful three-course meal atop the comfortable houseboat, served to you in a conventional setting by the boat-staff, and the overall aura of the trip becomes strikingly magnificent.

Large lakes linked by multiple canals brimming with exquisite & enchanting panoramas, all flowing in a distinct harmony you’ll seldom encounter elsewhere; that is the essence of backwater destinations in Kerala for you.

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2. Scenic Tea Gardens of Munnar


Munnar, a conjoined term for ‘moonu-aar’, stands for the three rivers that flow through the town, Madupetti, Nallathanni and Periavaru.

Munnar is often called the Kashmir of South India. Once you visit this mountain-clad landscape covered in sheets of plantations, you’ll realise how true the cognomen is!

As a settlement growing on the Western Ghats, it is not only the view of those magnanimous, undulating hills that’ll shake you off your feet; it’s the naked glory of Munnar’s natural aura that will take your breath away.

You can explore the incredibly scenic settings on a drive to Top station and Echo Point. In both places, you’ll be smitten with the low-lying clouds and gorgeous views en-route. Along the plantations, you can interact with the locals and even partake in tea plucking. If you are interested, the Tata Tea Museum there can take you through the history of plantations in Munnar.

Taking the bumpy ride amidst hills and narrow roads to discover the Atukkad Waterfalls is definitely worth the effort. Then, there’s the Mattuppetty Dam & Lake, Lockhart Tea Factory where you will revisit the history of the plantation in Munnar and its tea manufacturing past, and Eravikulam National Park popular for the endangered mountain goat species Nilgiri Tahr.

When in Munnar, tourism will no longer feel practised. There is chaos in the serenity of the hill station’s quiet solitude. Go boating, rock climbing, or rappelling. Observe the elephants. Trek a peak or two. Let the clouds descend upon you.


3. Kerala’s Staggering Beaches


There’s something about the trio of the sky, the sand, and the ocean water that tugs at our heartstrings.

Do you get the sentiment?

If you do, Kerala’s beaches will be a fantastic place to explore while you’re on your vacation.

The state’s stunning coastline that mingles into the Arabian Sea has rewarded Kerala with beaches of a stunning aesthetic value. Be it Kerala’s only drive-in beach of Muzhappilangad or the high-end Kovalam beaches bubbling with vigour and activities, be it the astonishing cliff-side setting of Varkala beach or the sandy grounds of Kappad where Vasco da Gama first set foot, Kerala has got varieties of beaches for every travel enthusiast.

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4. Raw Novelty of Nature in Wayanad


Wayanad is exquisite, as much in its historical significance as in its present-day identity as a beloved vacation spot.

But, what’s the first thing you should do, the one adventure you mustn’t miss, in Wayanad?

Well! Three hundred fifty odd stairs amongst the verdant surroundings will lead you into what can be considered the insides of the only known cave with stone age etchings in India- Edakkal Caves. The pictorial paintings are retraced back to 6000 BC & their archaeological significance makes Edakkal an enigmatic spot worth a visit.

In addition to Edakkal, Wayanad has other enchanting exploits for you as well. That includes settling for a brief stay in tree houses perched a few feet above the ground, overlooking the lush canopy of verdant forests. Plus, you could trek to Chembra Peak, take a trip to Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary, go Bamboo Rafting on Kuruva Island, & camp along the mountain slopes.

Embark on a Trip to Kerala to Loosen the Ties of Everyday Life

Even though the natural beauty of Kerala remains a highlight most of the times, every spot on this list will also introduce you to the unique & distinct culture, art, tradition, ritual, cuisine, and heritage of Kerala’s different sections.

Let go of your worries and absorb as much of Kerala’s offering as you can. You’ll return a rejuvenated person, that’s a given!

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