Varanasi – The holy land of miracles and tales!

Popularly known as the religious capital of India, Varanasi is the home the river Ganga. Blessed with countless temples, the city is booming with rich ancient architecture and a heritage that looks like ab emulation from an artistic movie.

Located in the Northern region of Uttar Pradesh, this city was established before 11th Century BC. It is often titled as the oldest living city in the world. The name Varanasi is coined by confluence of two rivers Varana and Asi.

No tour to India is complete unless Varanasi is on the itinerary and the native practices are followed by a tourist. Here are few activities that must unquestionable engage in to make your holidays in India unforgettable.

1. Enchanting boat ride along river Ganges – Do not miss a chance to cruise around the most revered river in the Indian Sub-continent. The breath of miracle wafts through the breeze of river. It is ideal to walk upriver up till the university complex and hitch a boat from there to journey through the vast expanse of the river.

2. Intellectually stimulating stroll on the Malviya Bridge – Once you’ve taken the boat ride; it’s time to take a peek into the double-decker bridge leading to the downstream of the river. As you stroll through the bridge, you’ll be in awe to witness a dual tier bridge, the one at the top acts a roadway for vehicles and the lower tier for tramps or trains. Also known as Dufferin Bridge, this road-link is an exit route from the city. It is considered the boundary to miraculous powers of the city, anyone who dies within the limits of the bridge is rewarded with eternity is therefore an abode for the homeless.

3. A serene walk on the ghats (Pavements) of the river – Peppered with a variety of ghats, the promenade along the river consists of an eclectic amalgamation of stories. One of the ghat is exclusive to worshipping, others like Assi Ghat is popular for bathing and few others like Manikarnika Ghat for cremation. A little-known ghat called the Tulsi Ghat is an ideal spot for physical purification and is believed to get rid of leprosy.

4. A city that breathes liveliness during festivals – Make sure you visit during Dev Deepawali or Holi to witness a chaotic yet exhilarating spectacle. You’ll be astounded to watch an overwhelming horde of people visiting the religious capital to pay homage to the goddess of Ganga. Poise at a higher ground to glimpse into the city tinted orange because of the cultural attire.

5. Feast on the aromatic freshly baked bread varieties – Let loose to the appetizing confectionary by the brown bread bakery. Inspired by Western-styled food, this bakery offers a slew of pastries, swiss rolls and steamy-hot sugar donuts to make for a fine indulgence.

How do plan your holidays to Varanasi this season?

There are several routes to Varanasi, by road or railways. Holidays tour in India are extremely gratifying when coupled with unique experiences that makes you immerse into the fabric of culture. Vue India Tours, titled as the best destination management company in India, is gold-standard for experiential traveling. As the motto of the company is “we offer experiences and not packages.”

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