Vivacious Teej Festival in India: A Festival to Swing, Dance & Rejoice

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Teej Festival – Popular Festival in North India

Come monsoons in India and there are numerous festivals lined up. One such is Teej Festival, soaked in the glory of Indian culture and deep rooted in tradition and mythology. As peacocks dance to celebrate the arrival of monsoons; Indian married women celebrate it amongst a riot of colors. Teej Festival in Rajasthan, particularly in Jaipur, is a significant Indian festival. If you happen to be in Rajasthan while travelling to India, you have got to witness the festivities women put with at the time of Teej. Significance of Teej festival is clearly apparent in the grandness with which Teej is celebrated.

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A Traditional Fanfare

The word Teej literally means ‘Tritiya’, and is observed on the third date of a lunar month. The festival is not just celebrated in many states of India but is equally popular in Nepal as well. The festival marks the holy reunion of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, the Hindu mythological Gods. Read through our blog further to have an idea of how to celebrate teej festival in India.

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Teej Festival Fast – An Eternal Promise of Companionship

The fasting and feasting during Teej Festival is of utmost significance to Indian married women as they observe a difficult, no-food, no-water fast for the long life of their counterparts. This also marks as a happy occasion for their marriage as they seek blessings from the Gods for marital bliss. The one day long fasting is then followed by an elaborate spread with mouth-watering Indian delicacies.

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Rituals of Teej – Riveting & Grand

The women of Rajasthan are extremely fond of celebrating Teej that happens to be one of the most loved festivals in North India, as Gangaur. Women dress up in their finest traditional clothes as tie and dye patterned lehnga cholis, lehriya sarees in bright and auspicious red and green colors. The women adorn their palms and feet with stunning henna designs to appear as a newly-wedded, coy bride. Usually the preparations for Teej festival start much in advance with shopping for new clothes, jewellery, bangles, bindis, and other prep for rituals. Similarly, Teej festival in Punjab also witnesses remarkable grandeur and celebration.

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Teej Festival Celebrations & Traditions

The flower-ornamented swings are a common sight in every Rajasthani household on the advent of Teej. Married women sing folk songs of Rajasthan, dance on the traditional music, and give each other rides on swing. Newly married girls celebrate this festival at their parents’ home and are bestowed with numerous gifts from parents and kins as blessings for her married life.

Apart from smearing hands with henna designs, women in some states also apply alta (a deep red vermillion) on their hands and feet as a ritual as they consider it not just auspicious but also a symbol of their marital bliss. Teej Pooja is another grand affair to witness capture in the photographic pursuits forever. The Teej procession with three Teej Festivals known as Kajari Teej, Hartalika Teej & Hariyali Teej is carried out for 2 days in Jaipur. The dressed-up idol of Teej Mata is taken on the long procession having women singing and chanting devotional songs.

Teej Festival 2018 Dates

The best time to visit Rajasthan is during Teej festival, without a doubt when festivities and fervor is in full swing. Teej festival 2018 dates starts from 13th August to carry on till last week of August. Vue India Tours lets travelers explore the charisma of Teej festival in Rajasthan or Jaipur by offering exciting holidays packages for Rajasthan. Book one for your family now and let the cultural exploration never end!

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