Why North-Eastern states are hidden gems for tourist from all over the world?

North-Eastern states of India don’t register in the minds of tourist coming to India from abroad. It is not commercialized and promoted unlike the shining pride of India like Taj Mahal. Although this part of the country has not received the spotlight it deserves, these seven sisters are truly an unexplored slice of paradise.

When you visit India this holiday season, make sure you pack North Eastern States into your itinerary because you’ll witness a culture so distinct, nature’s beauty so unique and weather so ecstatic that you might reconsider your flight back home.

Although there are seven states, we’ll take a close look at the ones that has spellbound tourist world-wide. The three states that should never be missed are:

1) Lung Lei, Mizoram – When you visit Mizoram, you’ll have your jaws dropped to the floor because of its astonishing geographical landscapes, lush grass beds, hillocks and naturally occurring caves. As you step into this world of reserved culture, you’ll be greeted with native folk dances, attires and obviously the regional cuisines. There are millions of activities for the health enthusiasts such as trekking, mountain-climbing and striking panorama of green hillocks at the Mizoram borders. Get ready to be mesmerized at the gargantuan lush green valley filled with floral diversity in Lunglei. Lunglei literally means ‘the bridge of rock’, which is situated in the southern part of Mizoram. Two fascinating activity tops the chart of things to do here; Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary and Monument Sight-seeing.

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2) Shillong, Meghalaya – A city that speaks of sheer will-power, determination and the work-ethics of its rebuilder, Shillong witnessed a near-death experience during the earth-quake of 1897. Ever since the city has bloomed with tranquilizing water-falls, untouched transparent lakes and wild formidable mountains. There are plethora of travel opportunities to explore and choose from beginning with Cathedral of Mary, Shillong view point, Khasi heritage village and Police Bazaar. One of the most underrated tourism destinations is Shillong, which will completely change your idea of nature’s marvel and what it is like live in pristine atmosphere.

3) Tsomgo Lake, Sikkim – Sikkim is the ideal poster boy for country side appeal that will provide a kick of rejuvenation to your jaded senses. It will enrapture you because of its forested mountains, and long-stretches of snow covered peaks. Naturally Sikkim is the house adrenaline-rushing adventure sports. However, the highlight of Sikkim will leave you stunned and completely thunderstruck is Tsomgo Lake. Located at 12, 000 ft. high, the serene silence, pristine lake, frosty winds and white background will reawaken the dullest of the minds.

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