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How to find a partner for life?  


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15/03/2021 8:47 am  

For hopelessly lonely people, finding their ideal partner seems like a daunting, impossible task. However, the truth about finding the perfect partner is very simple - people just don't know how to find one or where to start looking. If you are interested in trading loneliness for a relationship, then this article will help you figure out how to start finding your mate.

Understand yourself first. The first step to finding the perfect partner is pen and paper. No, you will not write a personal ad. You should write a list of your character traits and those traits that you want to see in your life partner. This list should include: your character traits and those that your partner should have, your physical characteristics and those that your partner should have, as well as a list of hobbies, interests, religions and beliefs (should you and your partner belong to the same religion and have similar beliefs or not), the desire to have children, the willingness to accept other people's children, communication style, etc. To help you determine your desired human qualities, you may want to consider your friends or ex-partners. You will be able to more easily understand which types of people you get along best with.

Turn the list into a characterization of the desired partner. It should resemble a human skeleton. This should not be a list of requirements, but a general outline of your significant other. The list should be realistic and prioritized.
Looking at this characteristic, you will see which aspects that you did not notice before are important to you. For example, you enjoy spending time outdoors or exercising. Then find a hiking group, a religious group, a social movement, or a local environmental group.

Keep in mind that other people tend to look for a partner. You can find numerous studies on what men and women look for in a partner and use it to understand what others want in their partner. This will allow you to highlight your strengths, whatever area they are, to make it clear that you have interesting traits, beliefs, or activities that your potential partner is interested in. Some of the most popular things men and women pay attention to in each other are:
Women pay attention to (in order): personality, sense of humor, common interests, intelligence, purity, appearance, sexuality, the opportunity to meet a man through a friend, voice, spirituality, profession, money, talent, and, finally, religion.

Love yourself and your body. This is the main clue of the century - your ideal partner will love you for who you are and see you do the same. If you cannot come to terms with this reality, it will be advisable to build up a little trust and then the mental desire to conform to everything that your partner says will disappear. To find the perfect partner, you must keep the following thoughts in your head:
You deserve it. Yes indeed. To show this, you have to walk upright, with your head held high, smile and feel confident. It looks attractive and will allow your potential partner to see that you are confident and ready to communicate.

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22/03/2021 8:00 am  

Very interesting article, I hope it is useful for many people in life

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