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The first thing you need to know about the essaypro is that it is different from a motivation letter. The main purpose of a Statement of Purpose letter is to convey information to the admissions committee about you as a person and an academic, to describe your achievements and goals for the future. Simply put, a motivation letter is a letter about yourself.
As for the academic essay, it is a letter from yourself. It should reveal your thinking, analysis, and reasoning skills in relation to your main point. Therefore, the approach to writing an essay is different in many ways from motivational writing, although there are quite a few similarities.
The topic of the essay
The topic can be predetermined by the university. For example, "To date, is brainstorming a sufficiently effective method of solving problems?" In other cases, the university merely sets the direction of the reasoning in a particular area: "In your opinion, which school of management has the strongest potential?" The third option is that you choose a major topic for the assigned subject at your own discretion. When choosing on your own, remember that it is important to take the topic on which you can most logically explain your position.
Mistakes when choosing an academic essay topic
The unmentionable truth. What would you think after reading 6 pages with the argument of the thesis "man evolved from a monkey"? Of course, if you have found revolutionary evidence for the theory of evolution, that's great, but in that case it is no longer an essay, but a whole scholarly work.It's too controversial. Don't touch on topics that aren't normally discussed: religion, politics, personal preferences, etc. It is not that you have to show your indifference, but that your opinion may go against the opinion of the committee member. Even if such questions genuinely interest you, save it for future research; an admissions essay is not the best place for them.
Determining the style of an academic essay
There are often clues in the very topic statement that the university puts forward that will help you figure out what kind of character your academic essay should have. For example, the following wording may come across:
• Describe. In this case, you should write systematically about a fact, event, or process, highlighting the important parts. When describing something, you are not required to explain, interpret, or relate to it.• Explain. This requires an analysis of the topic at hand, not just a description or summary. The key questions, "Why?" and "How?" are your aides to explaining cause and effect.• Prove (Argue). If you are asked to prove something, the main content of the essay should be a coherent argumentation of your opinion with the help of examples and facts. Also remember to show your awareness of the existence of an opposing point of view.• Discuss. Your task will be to describe and interpret the point of view, backing it up with facts and evidence, necessarily taken from outside sources.• Critique. Your main goal will be to take a critical approach to the task or topic at hand. It's important to bring out both the positives and the negatives in a balanced way.Try to remain objective.
Compare and contrast. In this formulation, find and compare the similarities and differences of two ideas, events, or interpretations.
Essay Help
This article only covers the basics when composing an academic essay. In order to take into account all the subtleties, you can contact paper writing websites help with essays, motivation letters, and letters of recommendation..





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