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 Rajasthan, a land with a myriad of different cultures and traditions enthrall the tourists with its’ fascinating beauty. It is a land of the remarkable history of the great Maharajas (Kings) who have displayed the pomp and splendor of their culture in the form of majestic architectural marvels.

Some of these exciting and breathtaking activities can be enjoyed in the capital of the state, the pink city of India– Jaipur.

  1. Turban Tying 

turban tying in rajasthan

The locals of Rajasthan excel in the art of turban tying. Each and every region of Rajasthan takes pride in its own exclusive of tying a turban and this art is one of the finest arts of Rajasthan. Looking back at the history, the pagri bands were employed by the Maharajas of the royal courts; but now, the scenario has completely changed; the Rajasthanis love to practice and be a pro at this fine art belonging to their very own culture.,which you will experience in your trip to Rajasthan. Moreover, you can hold an exciting competition amongst yourselves!
  1. Kite Flying

kite flying in jaipur & gujrat

Traveling back in history, the kites were invented in China since they had the ideal material required for the kite i.e. the silk fabric which was perfect for a sail material as it had the high tensile strength silk for kite flying and a resilient bamboo for a perfect framework.In the tour to Rajasthan tourists can enjoy this fun activity in the evening with the beautifully tied turban on their heads. Kites known as pacing became famous as fighting kites which were flown on the auspicious occasion. Residents infuse themselves in the kite flying sessions and love to knock each other down. Tourists can definitely learn this skill and with the unknown kite assassins in the cool and beautiful evening in the city.

After the tiring and exciting kite flying session, the evening concludes with a fine dinner at a local’s place with the best delicacies of the state you have never tasted. VUE India Tours are honored to take you on this tour including all these fun activities and giving you a beautiful experience of your lifetime. We also include other exciting activities to make it more happening for you and give you a taste of the unique and innovative culture of India. So travel with us and have the best experience of your lifetime.


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