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First Time in India

Expect the unexpected! India is a land of wonders and every  day promises to offer something new !!


Being a country with the largest population, most diverse natural and cultural wonders, and the one of the oldest civilizations in the world, India is rich and vibrant in heritage and culture. At every 500km in India, you find distinct landscape, architecture, language, cuisine and culture.

As thrilling and fulfilling as it can be, any first-timer in India should expect exposure to a blend of different noises, crowds, spicy food, and helpful people with a big welcoming smile on their faces.


Which parts of India you should visit on your first trip depends on how much time you have. If you’ve come to India for a week or 10 days, the fabled Golden Triangle Tour would be perfect for you. Connecting the heritage cities of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, this tour will take you on a journey into the rich Indian culture and its proud history.

Stand in awe of the Mughal architectures in Delhi, take a trip down the royal lanes of Jaipur and witness the majestic forts and palaces of the Rajputs. Get mesmerized by the spellbinding beauty of the Taj Mahal in Agra.


India is a place of saints and sadhus (preachers). Let the spiritual winds touch you at the immortal city of Varanasi where Hindus come to attain moksha (purgation) and cleanse their souls in the holy Ganges river.

Witness the dramatic visuals of Sandha Aarti (evening prayers) at the riverbanks of Varanasi and Haridwar, two of the holiest sites for Hindus. Once you have experienced the religious extravagance, lighten your heart with some yoga sessions and breathing exercises in Rishikesh, the international yoga capital, located only 23 km from Haridwar.


Go to any part of India and it won’t fail to amaze you. India is so vast and diverse that it’s impossible to cover each corner of the country on your first trip.

The valleys of Kashmir and Ladakh are just unbelievably rich in natural beauty. North India is known for its picturesque Himalayan terrain and royal heritage while South India offers a glimpse into ancient India – its culture, rituals, and festivals – and the abundance of natural beauty and Ayurvedic treats at Tamil Nadu and Kerala backwaters Tour.

On one hand, you have the white sand deserts and the long serene beaches of West India in Gujarat, Maharashtra and Goa – the party capital of India. On the other side, East India offers you stunning experiences in its mangrove forests, Himalayan foothills, river cruises and jungle safaris in West Bengal, Sikkim and Assam.


India has a lot to offer and it can be quite overwhelming to traverse through all the greatest tourist places in India. However, the most reliable way to make your travel more convenient is to get in touch with a trusted tour operator. Vue India, one of the best tour operators in India, has established their name in the Indian tourism sector that helps them design exclusive holiday packages for you in India.

With a wide range of tours customized to match the taste and convenience of all travellers coming to India, we open our doors to wandering souls who wish to explore India and its wonders.

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