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Mr. Wunsch and Team

Mr. Wunsch and Team

The tour guide Vinod was very good (like last year). We liked him very well and he has done a great job! Please say thank you from us! Even the diesel section instead the steam train on Darjeeling railway was not that bad as I feared. We enjoyed it a lot.

I am very happy that we get another great journey with Vue India Team. So thank you very much for your effort and support in organizing that tour.

Mr. Koch will write an article in his railway magazine. So we get some more promotion. I think we will make the same tour next year again. Perhaps I will change the last days. It is a very long day and trip from Shimla in the morning to Delhi – airport – Dubai – Germany. Perhaps we make another break in Delhi for one night after coming back from Shimla. So we could relax a little bit and sleep in the hotel bed before flying home.

We will come back soon with the new dates for 2018.

Thank you again for all!

Best Regards

Mr. Wunsch and Team

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